Achieve Better Athletic Performance with LASIK Surgery in Orange County

Athletes always need to be at the top of their game.  So when their vision begins to get blurry, they need to seek LASIK surgery in Orange County immediately. Vision is very crucial in any sport, so serious athletes need to have their eyes checked at all times.

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Active Use of Eyes in Sports

Eyes are arguably the most important organ for sports. While the hands and feet do most of the performing, the eyes provide you with the sight to do the activities. Whether you’re doing flips with your skateboard, hitting a fastball, or scoring a soccer goal, the action can’t be done properly without what the eye sees.

Studies show that 80% of all impressions are derived through the sense of sight. Once your vision blurs, every activity you do will be affected. Unless you are a special Olympian, vision is critical to your profession.

The Edge with LASIK Surgery

In any sport, there is a factor which is referred to as “the edge.” Someone who has the “edge” will be able to do anything better than their opponent, leading to their victory. You can also get that “edge” via LASIK surgery. Below are just some of the advantages you’ll merit after you visit to a LASIK surgeon in Orange County:

  • You get rid of bothersome eye problems.
  • Your instincts become faster because of clearer vision.
  • You can score more points because you have a better view of the goal/basket/target.
  • You no longer have to wear eyeglasses or contact lenses.
  • You still have clear vision for day-to-day activities.

LASIK Surgery: Precise, Like Your Sport

In sports, precision is an important factor. A quarterback can only score a touchdown with a precise pass to a wide receiver. The best three-point shooters in basketball spend hours in practice trying to make precise shots. For LASIK surgery, a precise laser instrument is a must, coupled with a precise, certified LASIK surgeon.

The excimer laser is the most common instrument used for corrective eye surgery. During the LASIK procedure, the excimer laser precisely reshapes the corner of the eye to adjust its vision. An excimer laser can “ablate,” or remove microscopic numbers of tissue away from the cornea in a very accurate manner. It avoids delicate corneal tissue in the process. You can say that because of its precise and refined technique, the excimer laser is an athlete itself!

Post-Surgery Activity

Since LASIK surgery involves cutting the corneal flap and reshaping the cornea itself, a period of recovery must be observed post-surgery. In addition, here are some things you need to know:

  • The recovery time varies. If you participate in a low contact sport like baseball or curling, you’re good to go after a week. However, if you play high contact sports like football and hockey, you should wait for two weeks to a month. If playing an outdoor sport, wear UV-protected sunglasses to protect your eyes from sunlight.
  • Be mindful of side effects. One side effect after LASIK surgery is dry eye, which can be treated using artificial tears. A rare side effect is induced glare or halo. To minimize the occurrence of such side effects, attend post consultations with your eye surgeon regularly.

Hit a Homerun with LASIK Surgery

Vision shouldn’t be a hindrance for you to enjoy your favorite sport. If you are serious about improving your athletic prowess, get laser eye surgery in Orange County. Through reasonable financing options, you will get the vision that you deserve and the performance you desire!

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