Choosing Parking Solutions: How Do You Know If It’s Right for Your Hospitality Business?

When you decide on parking solutions, you decide on your business as well. As a part of your business, it shows where you will designate your fleet, how they will approach the facilities you’ve been given, etc. In this article, we will aid you in selecting the parking solution fit for your business, particularly if you ow a hotel or a hospital.

Hotel Parking Needs

Whatever the size of your inn, a hospitable environment is a must. As you are dealing with people who go to your place to have a vacation or staycation, they expect nothing more than their stay to be pleasant. This includes matters which pertain to hotel parking management services. Here are some ideal aspects that your hotel ought to consider when choosing a parking-dedicated staff:

  • A cheerful welcoming crew

    Nothing is more pleasing to your visitors than when they are greeted with a smile. This will leave the first impression on your guests, so you need to ensure that your welcoming party is the kindest there is.

  • A great full-facility parking management team

    Your parking area is just as important as your lodgings. Therefore, just like your housekeeping staff, your parking management crew must attend to the upkeep of your parking area, keeping it efficient and safe for all guests concerned.

  • A decisive valet service

    What if your parking facility is full? Your guests wouldn’t want to waste much time slipping in and out of the parking lot. Having valet drivers that are reliable and trustworthy will please them in the best possible way.

  • An always-ready P2P fleet

    You will always have guests that need to go to the airport immediately, or attend an important business function. That’s why it pays to have an extra fleet of vehicles with well-trained drivers. If your parking management service can provide that, it’s a plus!

Hospital Parking Needs 

Just as in hotels, hospital parking management is crucial. And just as hospitals believe in the efficiency in caring for their patients and saving lives, they should also put a premium on their parking facilities. Here’s what you must consider when you hire a parking service for your hospital:

  • A professional front door staff

    In times of personal crises, hospital guests need greeters who can lift their spirits. That’s why it’s important that your parking management service is well trained in this area.

  • A dependable customer service crew

    Whether it’s the staff at your information desk, or the individuals who check on your patients or visitors, they need to be well-trained to handle demanding situations such as these.

  • A reliable valet staff

    Healthcare services tend to have hectic parking scenarios. That is why you should not settle for less with your hospital’s valet parking service.

  • A first-rate parking and traffic management fleet

    Safety and comfort is paramount when it comes to healthcare parking facility. You should strongly consider a parking management service with a thorough grasp of this.

  • A top-grade patient transportation service

    Hospitals commonly have offsite parking areas for when visitor turnout is high. You can leave a lasting impression on patients if you have a shuttle crew that would go out of its way to bring them to your facility.

Hospitality is Key

Whether for a hotel or a hospital, it’s important that the parking service crew you employ complements your own crew when it comes to professionalism and attention to your guests.  Do your research beforehand, and contact parking management service providers beforehand so you can have an overview of them before choosing. With the right match, your reputation for hospitality will leave a lasting impression.

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