Color Combo Ideas for Acrylic Wall Systems in Los Angeles

When shopping for bathroom acrylic wall systems in Los Angeles, the hardest part is often picking out the colors. After all, you’ll have to look at that color scheme several times a day, so you need something you absolutely love. However, the sheer number of possible color combinations is truly overwhelming!

If you don’t know where to start, don’t worry. Check out these timeless bathroom color schemes as inspiration for your bathroom remodel. As a bonus, you’ll also find some dos and don’ts to help you apply these color schemes successfully.

acrylic wall


Classic, clean, and effortless. Use black and white geometric shapes on your walls and floors. Go for symmetry for a streamlined look. Add a little industrial glam with silver-framed mirrors, chrome fixtures, and checkerboard tiles. This look is sure to stand the test of time, and it’s easy to maintain too!

  • Do jazz it with pops of color like yellow, red, or green for the toiletries and accessories.
  • Don’t make it too cluttered or too busy to make the color scheme stand out.


This is another tried-and-tested formula that marries the contemporary and traditional. The white and aqua tones give the bathroom an open and cool ambiance. The chocolate colors add warmth and substance. This theme is perfect if you’d like a spa-like feel to your bath.

  • Do try beige flooring to make the place feel even more welcoming.
  • Don’t overuse the color chocolate to prevent a visually-heavy bathroom.


Make your bathroom feel warm and inviting by using mocha tones on your bath wall surrounds in Los Angeles. Start with one shade of creamy white and mocha, then layer your color palette with coffee-inspired shades to create drama and movement. Blocks of color can be used to highlight areas like the vanity and the bathtub, as well as provide direction to the room.

  • Do use a standout darker mocha tone under major furniture to ground the color scheme.
  • Don’t use bright or bold colors, since it will disrupt the subdued aesthetic of this theme.


If you’re attracted to simple, minimalistic looks, then consider using monochromatic greys. It’s simple yet dramatic, and it will stay stylish throughout the years. Marble with grey and white veins offers a luxurious look, and metallic touches would work as well.

  • Do add splashes of color such as some fresh flowers or a potted plant.
  • Don’t use grey if it doesn’t feel uplifting or soothing for you.


In nature, blue and yellow go together. Imagine a bright sun rising across a lush, blue sky. This vibrant energy is perfect for bathrooms and can help set your mood for the day.

  • Do consider using traditional blue mosaic tiles for visual interest.
  • Don’t use too much yellow as it can look overbearing, especially if your bathroom is small.

Colour It In

Aside from these beautiful color schemes, bath wall surrounds in Southern California are available in a wide range of textures, shades, and styles to suit your tastes. Do take your time picking out colors— remember that once you’ve got the colours down, the rest of your bathroom remodeling project will go so much more smoothly.

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