Minimalism in Fashion: Decluttering and Selecting Fine Pieces

hipster girl wearing minimalist urban clothing

A minimalist lifestyle is all about getting things down to the essentials and hinging on the philosophy that “less is more.” If you’ve found yourself in a haze of having too many options – from what to eat and what to wear – it might just be time to declutter and have a change of lifestyle. An easy place to begin with is fashion, the very fabrics that you wear as an extension of yourself.

How to Declutter or Throw Away Clothes You Never Wear Anyway

If you find your wardrobe stuffed with clothes and yet you open it every morning and think, “Gosh, I’ve got nothing to wear,” it’s time to purge. Shopping for more clothes is not the solution; you’ll end up buying more clothes that you couldn’t wear for more than a few occasions.

If you want to keep it simple, here’s a list of pieces that we suggest you ditch in the name of minimalism:

  • Wildly colorful pieces (or just keep one favorite)
  • Extra dress shirts (keep two or three with the best quality)
  • Graphic tees that you only wore once
  • Extra trousers (keep two best pieces that could both be formal and casual)
  • Blazers and jackets that have embellishments

The Golden Rule for Selecting Minimalist Fashion Pieces

If the concept of “less is more” is still mind boggling, let me put it in other words: in fashion, we want fewer, multi-purpose pieces that could be worn in various occasions.

Here are key characteristics to look for if you want to shop or rebuild your wardrobe:

  • Color neutrality
    Keep the colors neutral and avoid screaming tones. You want people to notice how you style and dress yourself and not attract attention directly to the articles of clothing.
  • Excellent quality
    Minimalist fashion does not tend to be cheap. Make sure that the quality of fabrics and the durability of your clothing is top-notch to add class to this style.
  • Subtle styling
    One of the challenges of minimalist fashion is standing out from the rest. At the same time, you would not want to give off the impression that you don’t have a personal style. Make sure you can always top off a piece – depending on the occasion – with something memorable and representative of your identity.


The Bottomline

Mark Zuckerberg is known for white tees, and Steve Jobs appeared with that sleek, black turtleneck – fashion pieces that are truly minimalist. Adapting it to your lifestyle should allow more room for working on other tasks and maximizing efficiency. No more confusing mornings where you couldn’t find anything to wear!

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