Need Space? Check Out These Clever Space-Saving Tips!

huge sofa space

Just because your home space is small and limited doesn’t mean that you have to adopt a cramped and cluttered lifestyle. Check out these clever space-saving strategies.

Utilize vacant walls

Do you have any walls that have nothing permanent going on them? By permanent, we mean things that can’t be changed without changing the structure of the wall like doors, windows, and in-the-wall electrical systems. If so, use that vacant space. You can:

                       set up floor-to-ceiling bookshelves

                       install cabinets and counters

                       hang repurposed organizers

                       stick a bulletin board or calendar

Add lofts in areas that have high ceilings

Having lofts in your home has a lot of advantages. You can use them for accommodation, an accessible but fairly out-of-the-way location hangout. Add a comfy mattress, throw in a couple of pillows, and you’ll have a cozy hideaway. You can also use them for storage purposes. Consider the having one built above your living room, bathroom, kitchen, or wherever space allows.

Make your rooms multi-purpose

Don’t confine a room to a single function. Merge your kitchen with your dining room or combine your living room with your kitchen. If possible, tear down walls to give your home a more spacious aesthetic. Partition rooms with glass, translucent walls, or removable dividers.

Use the space under the stairs

Having shelves, drawers, or cabinets built into the space under your stairs is a worthwhile investment. Just think about all the things that you can store in it. You can also have it remodeled into a small nook for your indoor hobbies (e.g., crafting, sewing, etc.).

Replace your doors with sliding walls

The conventional door design typically renders the space behind it off-limits. Sliding walls don’t. They also make rooms appear larger than their actual size.

Opt for open storage

Not only will it draw the eyes upwards, making the ceiling seem higher, but it also gives you a sense of responsibility. You’ll be more inclined to stay organized if you put your storage spaces on display.

Give your cabinet doors another purpose

You can set up hooks and hang kitchen utensils from them or attach a whiteboard on them to have a convenient message board. You can also install a corkboard on which you can pin recipes and cooking reminders.

You can’t change how much space your home has. But, you can change how you use that space. Make every inch count. Use these tips to declutter your house/flat/dorm or make room for more of your belongings!

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