Shopping for Pet-Friendly Furniture in Modern Furniture Stores in Los Angeles

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Having recently adopted a pet, you now have its needs to consider on top of your family’s needs and your own. You might be thinking about how to pet-proof your home while still making it pet-friendly. Before you rush into the nearest pet stores or modern furniture stores in Los Angeles, you need to get yourself informed.

What does a pet-friendly home look like? Whether you own a cat or a dog, you can get some tips and inspiration from other designers whose aim is to create pet-friendly interior design.

Guides to Decorating a Home with Your Furry Friends in Mind

Here are some things that you need to keep in mind as you look into a modern furniture store or plan how to re-decorate and re-arrange your home to accommodate your pets.

  • Make your floors darker.

    This is one of the primary considerations in designing a home around pets because frankly, this is where they will spend most of their time. It is advisable to keep your floors in darker colors to conceal the inevitable scratches and stains that raising a pet will bring.

  • Choose your rug colors and designs more purposefully.

    Alexis Rodgers, an interior designer, says that it is better to use rugs with neutral colors in dining spaces. These colors are supposed to be more forgiving to stains from pet messes. It also doesn’t hurt to spray your rugs with stain-resistant formula.

    Another thing to consider: you can buy rugs with a fluffier texture and brighter color so your little furry friends can wrestle with it. There are various furniture stores in Los Angeles that will give you wide range of rugs and floor tiles that will suit your pets.

  • Pick sofas upholstered with tougher material.

    Your couches should be able to bear the brunt of wear and tear, especially from your pets’ paws and scratches. You can choose a sofa made with textiles that have a stain guard or just regularly spray your furniture with stain-repellent formulas like your rugs. As you go through the results of your “modern furniture stores near me” Google search, look for a store that offers couches made up of sturdier fabrics.

  • Make your furniture multi-functional.

    You can make your existing modern furniture into something beneficial for you and your pet. One example is a table that have legs made of sturdy material so that they can be used as cat scratching posts. This kind of furniture is called “hybrid design,” which keeps in mind both person and pet when building furniture.

  • Give your pet its designated place.

    Dedicate a corner of your living room or kitchen for your pets’ toys, litter box, and bed. By doing this, you are training your pet to consider its corner as the designated play zone and food zone, thus minimizing the spread of chaos around your home.

Modern furniture stores in Los Angeles offer you a wide array of pet-friendly furniture that will give your furry friends the home they deserve. Now, you can be confident to know which furniture to look for in your now pet-friendly home.

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