Tips for Finding the Best Provider of Dog Training in Leesburg, VA

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Registering your puppy to dog training in Leesburg, VA undoubtedly has a lot of advantages. Among other things, dog trainers can:

  • Help modify problematic behavior
  • Strengthen the dog’s receptiveness to form bonds with people
  • Provide puppies with socialization opportunities (usually with people or other puppies and dogs) essential for their psychological development
  • Teach you how to guide your puppy into dropping their bad habits (e.g., playful biting, chewing, marking everywhere, etc.) early


Sounds great, right? However, like most things brimming with benefits, there’s a catch. You can ensure that you’ll experience these advantages if you find the right dog training facility for your puppy. So, make sure you register to the right one.

Finding the Right Dog Training

There’s no shortage of dog trainers and training facilities in Virginia. Simply search for “dog training” plus your specific location in the state (e.g., “Hamilton dog training”) and you’ll get many promising results. Don’t settle for the first—nor the second, third, or fourth—one on the list without evaluating your options. Follow the tips below to find the right one for your puppy.

  1. Check out your potential dog training providers’ websites.

What dog training services do they provide? Do their trainers have any educational background that ties into dog training?  Where do they conduct their sessions? What training equipment do they utilize? How long have they been providing dog training services? The answers to all these questions and more should be on their website. Consider everything you learn about them.

  1. Know what words and expressions to watch out for.

Dog trainers are usually divided into two kinds: positive trainers and classic trainers. Positive trainers use methods that revolve around positive reinforcement, usually with treats and toys. Classic trainers, on the other hand, prefer to use methods that are considered aversive for dogs like using shock collars. Of these two types, the former is definitely more recommended compared to the latter.

How can you tell if a dog trainer employs positive or classic method if it’s not explicitly mentioned in their website? Check out their word choice.

Positive trainers often use:


Classic trainers often use:

  • alpha
  • commands
  • correction
  • dominant
  • force
  • leash correction
  • master
  • obedience
  • shock


Keep an eye out for these words and phrases when you browse your potential dog trainers’ websites.

  1. Ask the rights questions.

Narrow down your options. Then, get in touch with your potential dog trainers and ask them the following questions.

  • What are your credentials?
  • Do you have any certifications?
  • Do you belong to any professional organization?
  • Can you provide a list of clients that I can get in touch with for references?
  • What do you mean by “positive reinforcement?” (…or, ask them to define keywords and phrases in their website).


Also, if you have a particular service of theirs in mind, ask them questions specific to it as well.

  1. Sit in one of your potential dog trainer’s sessions.

Sit in the session that you are planning to secure so you’ll have a clear idea how it’s going to be conducted.  Planning to register to puppy group classes? Ask your potential facility if you can attend one of their sessions. Do the same if you’re thinking of enrolling your pooch to other dog training courses (e.g., behavior modification, private sessions, etc.).

Don’t hesitate to ask your prospective dog trainers for a preview. They should be more than welcoming of your requests. Be wary of those who refuse to answer your inquiries and provide any form of preview of their methods.

Make sure you register to a dog training facility that can lay down the right foundations for your puppy’s physical, psychological, and social development. Consider these tips to find the right Leesburg dog training facility for your dog.

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