Top Photo Shoot Locations for Local Wedding Photographers in the Metro DC Area

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When it comes to quality wedding photo shoots, local wedding photographers have an eye for the best spots in the area. In Northern Virginia alone, you have to look no further than the nation’s capital.

Sitting across the Potomac River, Washington DC is full of historical places that come with it being the seat of government. Not only do they evoke patriotic feelings, but they are also amazing backdrops for pre-nuptial photographs. Let’s run down some of the photo spot choices for your wedding photographer to provide you with your most romantic shoot ever.

  • The United States Capitol

Of course, what is DC photo op without this on the list? One of the most recognizable buildings in DC and in the world, the US government’s legislative building is itself an architectural wonder that is worth capturing for special moments. Its majestic dome, with the Statue of Freedom above it, is a scintillating backdrop for many prenup shoots. The area facing the National Mall serves as the best backdrop, so try to get a shot there at the ideal time.

  • Tidal Basin

During the springtime, pink and purple cherry blossoms grow from the trees surrounding the Tidal Basin. This is an annual attraction, coinciding with the National Cherry Blossom Festival in April. While the crowds are not yet in town, take advantage of the scenery and strike your most romantic poses among the blossom-filled banks.  You can never go wrong with this series of shoots, and you can have your photos ready just in time for your early summer wedding.

  • Jefferson Monument

Speaking of the basin, the most famous monument at the bank—the Thomas Jefferson Monument—is itself very photograph-worthy.  With its imposing dome supported by Grecian columns stretched out across the sky, it gives off a very ancient Roman aura for superb photos. Either standing along the steps at the front, or at Jefferson’s backside with all the greenery will make for idyllic photos. Trust your Northern Virginia wedding photographer to get the best angle for your shot.

  • DC Metro

The country’s subway train network is itself a tourist attraction, with its dimly-lit rounded ceiling and square patterns that give off a feeling of mystery. This makes it an unexpected choice for dramatic photo shoots. When executed well, your photos here will have a noir quality to it. The look is virtually the same for every Metro station, so just go and take your pick!

  • National Gallery of Art Walkway

Often flying below the radar as a photo shoot location, the National Gallery of Art’s walkway is itself a light sculpture with a magical quality to it. Not only can you get great shots standing on the walkalator, this would also make for an awesomely romantic prenup video as well!

  • Union Station

A Beaux Arts style building that serves as the main Amtrak and subway station of Washington DC, the interior of Union Station is wedding photo-worthy as much as it is selfie-worthy. During the non-busy hours of early dawn, Union Station makes for a splendid backdrop, as star-crossed lovers make their path to forever.

DC Has It All

Truly, the nation’s capital will never run out of perfect wedding shoots locations. Take advantage of it, so that you can have photos that you would want to look at over and over again, and that your family and friends will be buzzing about.

With the right choice of locations, and the best professional wedding photography service, you will be able to capture amazing wedding photos that will last a lifetime.

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