5 Easy Exercises First-Timers Can Do at Gyms in Van Nuys

Working out is never an easy thing to do, especially if you’re thinking about visiting any of the gyms in Van Nuys to work out for the first time. Your body might not be used to the strain just yet, which can be very painful and dangerous when unprepared.

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Exercises for Beginners

The key to being consistent with working out is easing yourself with whatever routine you choose to do. Most gyms offer numerous routines for their gym-goers, which can range from mild to even the most intense routines known in fitness. They also offer other features that help people’s bodies recover such as saunas and cryotherapy facials in Sherman Oaks.

The more you go to and make good use of the gym, the more you’ll be able to endure any workout routine.

Here are five of the easiest exercises for beginners like you:

  1. Shadow Boxing

If you want to box, but don’t have a punching bag, you can do this workout instead! Shadow boxing involves you ‘sparring’ with an imaginary opponent. This is the best workout you can use if you’re training for combat sports, or simply looking for an easy, yet effective workout without any extra shenanigans needed.

One of the best things that make shadow boxing a great workout routine for beginners is that there is no need for special equipment for you to do it. Just jab, strafe, and uppercut into the air and keep going until you work up a sweat.

In fact, if you wish to make routine even more effective, why not top it by undergoing cryotherapy in Sherman Oaks’ finest fitness centers?

  1. Dancing/Zumba

Another easy fitness routine that beginners like you can try is ‘zumba’. This is more of a rhythmic type of workout that allows you to dance to the beat of the song.

  1. Jogging

If you’re the type to go mobile for your workout, but not exactly the type to go outside so often, then jogging can be a good workout for you. What makes this a great workout for beginners is that not only can you lose a lot of weight with jogging, you can also do this in any gym you go to thanks to the treadmills available for use!

In order to get through this workout more easily, just pace yourself through every jog you go on and then gradually work up your speed and time for the next jogs. If you’re working out on a treadmill, start off on a lower speed, before gradually working your way up!

  1. Planking

This is another workout that pretty much anyone can do, whether they may be beginners and hardcore fitness veterans. All you need to do is get in a push-up position, rest on your forearms, straighten your back, and maintain your position for as long as you can.

  1. Aerobics

Like Zumba, aerobics is a more movement-oriented workout that beginners can do! Simply follow the movements of your instructor and keep up with the routine, which can help you lose weight, strengthen your immune system, and also reduce chronic pain.

Have a Great Time at the Gym!

With these five easy workouts you can try, visiting and working out at gyms in Van Nuys for the very first time can be just as easy as your routine! Over time, your body will surely build up a resistance to physical stress from exercise!

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