5 Music Genres to Listen to While Getting a Massage in Leesburg, VA

Getting a massage in Leesburg, VA’s spas is one of the best ways to unwind and relax. The feeling of expert hands massaging your body’s strains and aches away coupled with the soothing scent of the aromatic oils involved is quite an amazing experience. But, did you know that you can elevate the experience further with the right music?


How Music Enhances Massages

Music can amplify and enrich experiences. It’s why people play upbeat songs during happy occasions. When listened to during a massage, music can heighten the effects of the therapy and make the entire experience more enjoyable.

Take pain relief, for instance. For people with low pain tolerance, getting a massage can be an uncomfortable, albeit tension-reducing experience. Music can make massage sessions more relaxing for them by stimulating the generation of opioids, the body’s natural pain relievers. This is why most Leesburg spa facilities play ambient music during massage sessions.

Top 5 Music Genres for Massage Sessions

Music is powerful and diverse. Depending on its genre, it can evoke intense emotions, define eras, and trigger memory recalls, among other things. For massage sessions, it’s best to stick to a genre that can put your mind and body at ease. Consider these music picks:

  1. New Age

Want to listen to something soothing during your massage session? New age music may be what you’re looking for. A genre intended for optimism and relaxation; new age music is perfect for yoga, meditation, and other similar activities. Instruments typical to the genre include the flute, guitar, harp, kalimba, and several other percussion instruments.

  1. Ambient

Experimental, repetitive, and “otherworldly,” ambient music emphasizes atmospheric tones over the conventional musical rhythm. When getting a massage with ambient music in the background, you may feel like you’re traveling through space and time with the way the music weaves soothing instrumentals together.

  1. Classical

If you’re looking for a genre that you can hum along to while getting facials in Leesburg, consider classical music. Listen to the harmonies of the string and wind instruments. Enjoy the work of iconic musicians such as Mozart, Bach, Beethoven, and many more.

  1. Jazz

Jazz is one of the more upbeat genres you can listen to while getting a massage. The combination of fast-paced drums, suave trumpets, captivating piano, and deep bass is more than enough to get anyone in a good mood. Not up for something cheery? Listen to tracks featuring the more somber side of jazz. Pick songs performed by iconic singers such as Billie Holiday, Etta James, and Louis Armstrong if you want something to sing along to.

  1. RnB

RnB, short for ‘rhythm and blues,’ is one of the more contemporary music genres on this list. Although RnB is almost synonymous to hip hop nowadays, it does have mellow variations that are perfect for relaxation.

Elevate Your Massage Experience!

Listen to samples of these music genres and determine which appeals to you the most. You can settle on one or listen to a different genre for every time you get a massage in Leesburg, VA. Don’t be afraid to explore other music genres to make your massage sessions more enjoyable.

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