6 Benefits of Synthetic Grass Installation for Swimming Pool Surrounds

Swimming pools are one of the most popular amenities among homes. It’s the highlight of summer grill-outs, and pool parties are a great way to bond with family and friends. However, swimming pool surrounds have a significant impact on the safety, maintenance, and aesthetics of your pool area. Many homeowners have found synthetic grass installation to offer the perfect balance of all three.


Advantages of Artificial Grass for Swimming Pool Surrounds

Synthetic grass has unique benefits that make it ideal for water-related applications, such as for swimming pools. Below are six advantages of installing it around residential pools:

  1. It doesn’t get slippery when wet.

Artificial turf provides a non-slippery surface that’s vital to a splash-prone area like the pool. Unlike real grass, which gets slippery with the slightest bit of moisture, turf continues to provide stable footing no matter how much water it comes into contact with. This capability gives you a safer pool area where people can move around with a reduced risk of trips and falls.

  1. It absorbs impact better than other materials.

Speaking of trips and falls, they can be inevitable when you’re holding activities in the pool area, especially with playful kids. Compared to other common pool materials like concrete and natural grass, artificial putting green grass offers a much gentler landing. The turf is soft too, which reduces the risk of scrapes.

  1. It’s non-toxic.

When it comes to pool surrounds, you want a material that won’t leach toxins into the water. Unfortunately, the fertilizers, weed killers, and pesticides from a natural lawn tends to find its way into the pool. In contrast, high-quality artificial grass is certified and independently tested to be free from toxins. It doesn’t matter how much it gets wet— water that makes its way back into the pool will continue to be free from harmful chemicals.

  1. It drains water efficiently.

Artificial grass integrates a heavy-duty drainage layer that’s critical to pool areas. Turf drains at a much faster rate than real grass and doesn’t repel water like concrete. It prevents flooding and the formation of puddles.

  1. It will not produce mud.

No one wants to look at or swim in dirty pool water, which is what you’ll get if you surround your swimming pool with natural grass. Just a little bit of moisture will turn the soil into a muddy mess. People walking from the pool to your home can track the mud all over the place. Artificial grass for dogs prevents this completely, and people can splash and walk around without you having to worry about mud.

  1. It’s hard-wearing.

Pool areas receive a high amount of foot traffic. There’s also a lot of equipment such as pool furniture, coolers, and pool toys. These can quickly flatten and even kill real grass. Quality synthetic grass, on the other hand, is exceptionally durable with fibers that instantly bounce back from pressure. Expect your beautiful, lush turf pool surround to perform well into the future.

Upgrade Your Pool Area with Synthetic Grass Installation

Artificial grass is one of the best ways to create a safer, more beautiful pool area with much less maintenance. Call your local artificial grass installers today to learn more about this versatile material and other ways you can use it for your home.

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