8 Venues in Need of Parking Management Company’s Valet Services

One of the premium services of a parking management company is valet parking services. This service is especially helpful in places where high-volume of people is expected and parking is scarce. With valet parking, you get two main advantages: expertly-trained drivers who can maneuver cars into tight parking spaces, and lower risk for occurrence of car accidents.

If you have an upcoming event in your place, valet parking services should be on top of your priority list. Here are some venues where a valet service would be of great help:

valet parking attendant

  • Restaurants and Cafes

People go to high-end restaurants for lunches and dinners with great ambience. These are done mostly in the presence of colleagues, relative,s or friends. Since customers want to be settled in immediately, having a valet is a great convenience for them. Meals are also done over business meetings, so employing a valet’s services help them cut to the chase. Once their car is entrusted to a reliable valet, they can eat in peace and converse comfortably with their companions.

  • Nightclubs and Bars

Some folks are raring to visit other cities and enjoy awesome nightlife. However, some parking regulations should be considered in the city. This is why a valet option by parking management services in Los Angeles is a great help.

Specially-trained parking assistants will be able to find parking for the vehicles effectively. If there are no slots available in any parking lot, the valets will knowingly go to designated parking areas in the streets. In doing so, customers escape being fined by the police for parking in the wrong spot.

  • Shopping Centers and Malls

Not all shopping outlets have wide parking lots. Having professional valet services will help to make good use of the space and make the client’s shopping experience more comfortable. When the shoppers have finished and need to load up their groceries, the attention of the valet can instantly be called to bring in the vehicle. Having valets will also improve the image of the shopping center, encouraging customers to come back to it.

  • Hotels and Lodgings

Valet services are encouraged to give off a good impression for hotel guests. Valets can also help keep parking volume at bay in the allocated space. Apart from their formal appearance, the valets have to keep a courteous demeanor, as they are also representing the hotel’s prestigious name.

  • Convention Centers

Many people go to convention centers for high profile events, gatherings, and conventions. As a result, large volumes of cars are expected. To avoid pileup of cars and keep the venue under control, a valet service is highly required. This will help in keeping a professional tone around the whole venue.

  • Hospitals

Hospital parking management providers know that critical health cases always happen, so they need to have valet services in anticipation of patients needing immediate care. A reliable valet can take up the wheel while relatives step out of the vehicle to assist the patient. Not only will the hospital be able to help people at once; they also increase their good reputation as a result of this service.

  • Golf Clubs

The crowd at golf clubs is composed of well-to-do guests who want to play for relaxation. As much as possible, they want their arrival to be stress-free so as not to affect their game.  And since parking in golf clubs is unpredictable, valet services can help visitors leave their vehicle immediately so that they can start playing. Having valets can also help increase the clubs prestige, especially if the valets sport a snappy uniform.

Employ Valet Parking Now

Because of the convenience valet parking offers, it is considered an essential offer of parking management in Los Angeles. Having professional valets is just among the many components to make a parking setup successful. For efficient parking management in your venue, make sure to choose a company with expertise in parking lot supervision, valet services, and contingency measures.


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