A Local Corporate Photographer in DC Shares Strategies to Spice Up Corporate Photos

The more corporate events you host, the more challenging it becomes to take unique and compelling photos. A top corporate photographer in DC discusses the difficulties of covering business affairs and shares her go-to techniques to overcome them.

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The Challenge of Corporate Photography

Corporate photography is effortless since everything is formal and scheduled. There’s no risk of missing out on significant moments. You just need to keep tabs on what’s happening and who’s speaking. Keep your camera ready, and you’re good to go.

The formality and lack of spontaneity, however, make it difficult to maintain variety when it comes to shots. After all, photos of smiling professionals and speakers on podiums can get old very fast. Unless you do something to change things up frequently, it’s only a matter of time before their photos become the template of your corporate shots.

Smart Tips for Standout Corporate Shots

Compelling corporate shots are a must if you want to set your brand apart from your competition’s. They must tell a story and draw in their intended audience. Keep yours interesting with these tips from a professional corporate photographer in DC:

  • Integrate relevant items into the photo.

Consider the focus of the event and identify objects that define it. Find ways to integrate them into your shots creatively. For instance, if the event revolves around an awarding ceremony, you can ask the awardees to do something interesting with their trophy or certificate.  Let them hold it close to their face for a close-up shot or have them point to the award’s title with a finger.

  • Take shots from different perspectives.

Here’s a strategy that all Northern Virginia wedding photographer employ as well. Take photos from unconventional angles to keep them fresh and exciting. Explore perspectives. If the event venue features floor to ceiling windows, take shots from the outside looking in. Take advantage of balconies, mezzanines, and other elevated platforms as well.

  • Get creative with posed photos.

Don’t be afraid to ask event guests to get playful with their poses, especially if they’re a part of your team. Not only will it give your corporate gallery a break from formal shots, but it’ll also give you a chance to show off the fun side of your company. Let your attendees have fun before doing so. It’ll help them loosen up enough to get creative with their group shots.

  • Avoid using flashes and artificial lighting.

As much as possible, rely solely on natural lighting for your shots. It will help keep your photos from looking like a staged photograph. You’ll also avoid distracting event attendees and taking them out of the moment.

  • Plan your shots before the event.

This is imperative for conferences, conventions, and other speaker events. Take note of the places that important people will stay in, such as the podium, the front row seats, and the panel table. Identify all the angles that work for each spot and find the best locations to achieve them. Doing so will help you avoid the last-minute search for the perfect shot locations on the day of the event.

Hire a Corporate Photographer for Your Next Event!

Don’t let dull, repetitive shots derail your brand image. Follow these tips or hire a Northern Virginia photographer to keep your corporate photos compelling. Make your business shots stand out for all the right reasons to get an edge over your competition!

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