A Neurologist in Leesburg, VA Spills the Little Known Facts About Multiple Sclerosis

Not many people are aware of the implications of taking Multiple Sclerosis (MS) for granted. In this post, your neurologist in Leesburg, VA discusses the little known facts about this unpredictable and potentially disabling disease. Read on and be informed.

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MS Facts You Should Know

According to the National Multiple Sclerosis Society, approximately one million individuals in the US suffer from MS. Get the low down on this condition and make informed decisions.

  • MS is a potentially disabling disease

    Dulles neurology experts warn individuals with or are suspected of having MS to get a proper diagnosis and regular checkup. Multiple Sclerosis is a disease of the central nervous system that affects the flow of information within the brain. As such, it is critical that you get diagnosed at the onset of the condition.

  • There is no known cause of MS at the moment

    Many scientists believe that MS is an autoimmune disease — a condition wherein the immune systems attacks its own healthy tissues. However, experts are also looking into other factors that may cause or increase the risk of MS. These include:

♦ Age

♦ Sex

♦ Climate

♦ Family history

♦ Susceptibility to infections or other autoimmune conditions

♦ Personal habits, i.e., smoking

♦ Among others

  • Life expectancy for MS has significantly increased over time

    Experts and neurologist in Leesburg see increased life expectancy for people with MS due to technological advancements and treatment breakthroughs. Cheers to the research and medical communities, more and more people with MS now have a much brighter future to look forward to.

  • MS is not contagious or inherited

    Generic factors may increase the risk of individuals to acquire MS, but it is not directly inherited.

  • MS can be difficult to diagnose

    Symptoms of MS overlap with other conditions. This is why it can be challenging for a doctor to reach a diagnosis right away. To arrive at an accurate diagnosis, the doctor will ask for your medical history. You will also need to take the following exams to rule out other conditions:

♦ Blood tests

♦ MRI scans

♦ Physical examination

♦ Evoked potential test

♦ Lumbar puncture

  • MS can be managed

    Although there is no known cure at the moment, you may take several measures to help manage your condition. These include:

♦ Taking Vitamin D supplements

♦ Following a healthy diet

Staying physically active

♦ Getting enough sleep

♦ Avoiding stress

♦ Quitting smoking

  • At least three out of four people with MS maintain their ability to walk

    A neurologist in Leesburg, VA had long debunked the myth that individuals with MS wind up in wheelchairs. While some patients might need the assistance of a crutch or crane, most of the time, they don’t deal with mobility problems that require them to stay in bed or depend on wheelchairs permanently.

Make Informed Decisions — Get Diagnosed!

Don’t rely on hearsays; they are never a reliable source of information. If you suspect that you or someone you know is showing signs of MS, schedule a consultation with your Dulles neurology specialist right away to get a proper diagnosis.

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