Achieve the Mid-Century Modern Look with Modern Outdoor Furniture


The simple, sophisticated lines of the mid-century modern style are a timeless interior design favorite. Contrary to what most people believe, however, it’s not a theme that’s limited to indoor areas. The same principles that make mid-century modern homes such elegant spaces are also applicable when styling modern outdoor furniture for your patio or garden.

6 Ways to Add a Mid-Century Modern Twist to Outdoor Furniture

The first step to pulling off the mid-century modern aesthetic is to select custom-made, unique furniture that embodies the era. This is especially important when decorating your outdoor area to elevate curb appeal.

Take note of these mid-century modern styling tips as you shop for contemporary furniture and décor for your outdoor space redesign:

  1. Let wood take center stage.

Mid-century pieces feature a lot of wood elements. This goes perfectly with any outdoor theme since wood is a staple in nature. Look for contemporary home décor and furniture that incorporate oak, walnut, teak, and other durable wood types in its design (think narrow wooden chair legs). Choose items that are both beautiful and weather-resistant.

  1. Stick with white.

Another hallmark of mid-century modern design is the abundance of white. This neutral hue makes modern furniture in Los Angeles look elegant and attractive. Give your patio or garden a touch of white to elevate its aesthetic. Don’t have any walls surrounding your outdoor area for you to paint white? Get the same effect by sticking with lighter tones in your furniture, such as beige, pearl, and cream.

  1. Do the lights right.

Fill your outdoor oasis with a warm glow with a variety of light sources. Combine pendant lights, hanging lights, and floor lamps for both ambiance and function. Up the wow factor by going with custom sculptural lights. Find some at the various contemporary stores in LA for an outdoor space that truly shines.

  1. Accessorize with mirrors.

Mid-century modern style is defined by a light and airy feel thanks to its slim lines that highlight space. Channel this quality to make your patio feel more expansive. A couple of small mirrors or a larger one will help reflect light into the area. They can also highlight a gorgeous landscape when placed opposite your garden.

  1. Be selective with décor.

There’s a minimalist bent to mid-century modern style. This means that all contemporary home décor are designed not only to attract their share of the spotlight but also to prevent clutter and disarray. Less is more —a structural lamp, mirror, or artwork from a modern furniture store in LA will have more impact than lots of mass-market décor.

  1. Consider adding a bar.

Finally, add some vintage charm to your mid-century modern exteriors with a bar cart. It will function as a display for your pretty liquor bottles and glasses and give you a convenient way to mix drinks and serve snacks outdoors.

Beautify Your Home with Mid-Century Modern Flair

Classic yet contemporary, the appeal of mid-century modern furniture works great in both the indoor and outdoor areas of the home. The key is to bring in custom, modern outdoor furniture that marries aesthetic and function seamlessly. Explore this look when you visit LA’s modern furniture stores!

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