Alone Doesn’t Need to Be Bad: Maximize Your One-Person Sauna Use!

Owning a one-person sauna does not mean you get to miss all the fun stuff sauna enthusiasts enjoy in public saunas. Having a personal sauna at your disposal only means you have all the fun for yourself! Let us show you what we mean!

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What most sauna enthusiasts forget is that a sauna experience is a multi-stage process. You don’t go in, sit, and then go out. To maximize the benefits of your infrared sauna, you have to take your time and enjoy the benefits of this experience.

Your sauna session should be divided into three stages:

1. Preparation phase

2. Sauna phase

3. Cool down phase

Each stage has its own unique goals, which contribute to an overall sauna experience. Read on and find out what to do.


During this stage, you need to prepare two things: YOURSELF and YOUR SAUNA.

  • Preparing yourself

◊ Go in your birthday suit. When going to public saunas, you often wear bathing suits, which are typically very insulating which causes discomfort during the session. What a personal far-infrared sauna affords you is complete privacy! Go naked! Remove every piece of clothing and let your body’s largest organ enjoy the soothing heat.

◊ Wash before going. When you sweat, everything comes off. It is better to wash your face and your hair to prevent products from dripping to your face when you sweat.

◊ No accessories. Remove watches and any other accessory before entering your sauna. You won’t need them there.

◊ Hydrate. You’ll be sweating a lot in there! Better load up on H2O.

◊ Get doctor’s approval. Before engaging in a sauna session, make sure your doctor agrees. If not, it is better to follow.

  • Preparing your sauna

◊ Choose the right temperature. How warm your sauna should be preheated depends most of the time on how much experience you have. Novice users should start at about 150 ° F and work their way up.

◊ Check accessories and the machine. To avoid any untoward incidents while using the sauna, check the machine. If something is wrong, then don’t use the sauna and call the service center


Enthusiasts enjoy the sauna in different ways, which makes the experience more exciting, personal and intimate. Add your twist to the whole one-person sauna session by following these tips:

  • Utilize your sense of smell. Aromatherapy plus saunas is a winning combination! Aromatic oils from fragrant plants such as eucalyptus, peppermint, lavender, or pine can enhance your experience.
  • Get your tunes. Most personal saunas come equipped with their sound system. Load up your favorite songs and groove to the beat, or play some relaxing music to drown your stress. Again, your choice!
  • This can’t be stressed enough. You will sweat! Be sure to pack enough water to keep yourself hydrated during your entire session.


Done sweating? Your session isn’t over yet. You might want to follow this cool-down regimen to ensure nothing goes awry.

  • Cold bath. A cold shower will invigorate your skin, rinse off sweat and close your pores. If it’s snowing where you are, tap your inner child and roll in the snow!
  • Stay put. Don’t jump right into another activity right after a sauna session. Take in first the relaxing effects of the activity. Only after you’ve entirely relaxed should you go back to your busy everyday schedule

Maximize your sauna experience and embrace these precious alone time to relax and de-stress. These moments are yours! Embrace them!

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