An Implant Dentist in Mission Viejo Lists Some Pre-Dental Implant Tips

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Planning to get a dental implant is no rocket science but rest assured that it is not very simple either. From the money needed to invest in it up to the risks involved, thorough planning and preparation should be expected. Good thing is that experts like your implant dentist in Mission Viejo can give interested patients some tips to overcome the planning stage.

Here are some tips to consider before getting a dental implant. Knowing a thing or two about these tips can help interested patients have a meaningful exchange with their dentists while planning the implant.

Have a Thorough Health Check

According to Mayo Clinic, it is important to ensure that the patient does not have a health condition that can affect bone healing. This means that interested patients will undergo evaluation to prove that their health condition is optimal for dental implant. Mayo Clinic outlined the examples of evaluation procedures as follows:

  • Dental exam which may include dental x-rays and 3D images of your teeth and jaw
  • Medical history review with special attention to conditions like heart or orthopedic implants
  • Treatment plan which factors in the number of teeth to be replaced and jawbone and teeth conditions

Other evaluation procedures not listed here might still be done depending on the patient’s conditions and characteristics. There are many factors to consider in these procedures, and age is one of them. Conditions that lead to missing teeth might bring up question of implant’s appropriateness in a certain extreme age group like the children and elders. To address such concern, it is best to speak with a pediatric dentist in Mission Viejo for the case of children.

Know the Risks

Some dental implant side effects can manifest right away or years after the procedure. BE sure to prepare for the following risks:

  • Infection – As mentioned earlier, smoking can be a trigger to such risks.
  • Allergic reaction to titanium – Healthline advises that interested patients should mention allergy to titanium so that the doctor can prepare for a different material to be used in making the implants.
  • Sinus problems – Mayo Clinic says that this could be triggered by a protruding implant in the sinus cavities

Note: Risks listed here are not exhaustive and an implant dentist in Mission Viejo could still discuss more during consultation depending on the person’s lifestyle and dental and health condition.

Do Not Smoke

Mayo Clinic and Healthline add that smoking tobacco is a no-no in the preparation, and the restriction should start at least one week before the procedure and ends in at least two months after. The reason is that according to Colgate, smoking prior to dental implant it lowers the success rate of the procedure due to possible infections that might be induced by smoking. Healthline explained that the effect of smoking to dental implant procedures is restricting the blood flow to the gums which then slows the healing process.

Prepare Your Financial Resources

Getting dental implants also means hefty investment such that many insurance carriers accommodate less than ten percent of the procedure fees. So, it is important to check with your insurance provider first how much are they going to cover, if any, and work on the information from there.

While the investment is high, an oral surgeon in Mission Viejo, CA notes that getting implant, when successful, is worth it because of its advantages like alleviating mouth discomforts, easier mouth movements when speaking and eating, and better confidence.

Smile? Smile!

Start smiling, eating, and speaking more comfortably sooner with dental implants in Mission Viejo. Aside from the aesthetic value of getting one, nothing beats the feeling of better comfort with a complete set of teeth.

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