Applying for a Riverside CCW Permit? Here’s What You Need to Know

Carrying a concealed weapon (CCW) is not a decision to be taken lightly, especially with the prominence of gun-related crimes in recent times. So, if your heart is set on getting a Riverside CCW permit, you need to know what it will entail and demand. Here’s what you need to know about its application process.


  • You will need to submit several documents, including:

• The Sheriff’s CCW Instructions – You can find this file in the Riverside Sheriff’s official website. It discusses everything that you need to know and accomplish to earn the permit (e.g., the procedure for different types of applicants, the required fees, the safety training and qualifications you need to pass, etc.). Download and print it out. Fill out the application forms at the end of the document. Use a black pen and make sure your penmanship is legible.

• The DOJ Application – You can also find this file in the Riverside Sheriff’s official website.

  • You can submit your application directly to the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department if you live within the boundaries of the county.
  • You will need to pass a personal interview. The interview is conducted to determine the cause and validity of your need for a CCW permit. Get in touch with the Sheriff’s CCW Unit to schedule your interview. Bring the following documents on your interview:

Accomplished Sherriff’s Questionnaire
Accomplished DOJ license application
Copy of your birth certificate
Copy of your naturalization documents (if applicable)
Copy of your driver’s license
Three original character reference letters
Two recent passport photos
Copies of evidence of your full-time residence in Riverside Country (e.g., your most recent utility bills)
Cashier’s Check or Money Order for administrative fees
Copy of military discharge DD214 form (if applicable)

  • You must be ready to defend your need for a CCW license. Common and valid reasons include:

the protection of others
the protection of valuable property
the protection of large sums of money

It’s imperative that you provide proof of your motivations. For example, if it’s for self-protection, you must explain why you feel your life is at risk. Present established instances when your life was deliberately threatened. Discuss each incident and provide evidence that they happened. It would help if you can submit copies of relevant police reports, official complaints, etc.

Do the same if you need a Riverside CCW license for other reasons. If you pass the interview, you’ll get fingerprinted and additional documents to accomplish.

  • You will need to accomplish a state-mandated firearms safety course.
    This is one of the last requirements. You’ll learn the essentials of firearms usage and management in the class including, but certainly not limited to, the following:

Gun safety: rules and regulations
Gun types: functions, strengths, and weaknesses
Fundamentals of shooting
Firearm maintenance
Use of gun for self-defense
Firearm storage

Preparing with a state-certified and approved Orange County concealed carry program is recommended.

Getting a permit for Orange County CCW is not an easy feat. But, if your reasons are valid and you’re willing to accomplish all these requirements (and more), it’s certainly not impossible.

Reassess your motivations. If you believe the permit to be a worthwhile endeavor, commit to the application process. Consider enrolling in an Orange Country or Riverside CCW program.

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