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Ever since its debut in 1994, The Lion King has continued to melt the hearts of children and adults alike. In fact, just three years after Disney’s premier, Broadway took hold of the reigns and made their own iteration of the Lion King – and now, it is one of the most enjoyable musicals that many people buy theatre tickets online for.

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Best Reasons to Buy Tickets for the Lion King

For the past two decades, the Lion King has been recognized as one of the best and most beloved musicals to date. From the iconic music down to the extravagant costume and set designs, buying tickets for the show can guarantee an enjoyable experience.

Here’s why you should go to the best site to buy tickets for the Lion King and enjoy it with your friends and family:

  • The Opening Number

Of course, who wouldn’t want to listen to that very iconic opening number? The song, “Circle of Life”, is one of the many songs that have been adapted from Disney to the stage, which can send chills down your spine when the very memorable first line is belted out.

  • A Mix of New and Old Songs

Like most theatrical adaptations, the Lion King has included some new songs into both acts. These new songs were added to keep the musical flow going and establish a more harmonic way of storytelling. Plus, they also come with some great choreography by the cast, making every song even more exhilarating than the last.

As for the old songs, they are also included into the musical’s both acts, which can strike a chord of familiarity for many audiences.

  • The Set Design

Another thing that the musical is known for is their set design. The various props and on-stage ornaments being used can make for a more interactive and authentic experience, as well as help in establishing a great story in two acts.

  • The Ease in Buying Tickets

If you’re wondering where to buy tickets for concerts and musicals like the Lion King, you won’t have to worry about having difficulties in buying them thanks to the various tickets companies and the internet. Each ticket company can offer great deals on the tickets you want and each ticket buying site can give you the chance to make some reservations for future shows.

  • Breathtaking Visuals

Another thing that the Lion King musical is known for is captivating their audiences with outstanding work in visuals. The set is known to use puppets to further the animalistic experience and establish a vast expanse in storytelling. There are also 200 puppets that are used in the production, which helps bring the whole of the pride lands onto the stage.

Be a Part of the Circle of Life

These things make the Lion King the absolute musical to buy theater tickets online for. Get your tickets now and experience life in the jungle.

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