Can’t Find a Contemporary Sofa for You? Look at these Classic Designs that will Always Be In!

Nowadays, most of us prefer contemporary interior designs in our own homes. We want it to look modern, new, fresh. With a modern interior design in mind, we tend to look for modern furniture items —i.e.,  contemporary sofa, a dining set with a modern design—  separately.

What we usually forget is that for our home to look contemporary, we do not need all our furniture to have the same theme. We can combine styles from different eras.

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Classic Sofa Designs for Contemporary Vibes

So if you are planning to make your living room look modern and so “in” but you cannot find the right sofa to fit in there, do not worry. Here are some of the best designs from the past that you can consider.


You have surely seen this one—maybe in a friend’s home, in a hotel lobby, or even in a library. The Chesterfield sofa is the buttoned one, with a low back and high arms. Just looking at it makes you feel relaxed already.

The history of this contemporary sofa can be traced back to one hundred years ago but the class it brings to any area never fades through time. Some say that it was conceptualized when the fourth Earl of Chesterfield demanded for a furniture where men can sit without having their suits creased.

This design will effortlessly fit your modern-looking living room. Since contemporary architecture usually uses low-key elements, you just have to choose the right size, color, and materials that will not call for too much attention. So if you are looking for contemporary couches, you might want to get one of this instead.


Do you want to look and feel classy whenever you sit down in your living room, like there is always a photoshoot? You may consider using wingback chairs. But did you know that these chairs are created for functionality rather than aesthetics?

Wingback chairs are usually positioned near the fireplace so the wings seem to envelope the heat around you in a cold night. This is a very low-profile style so it will suit your contemporary living room. There are, in fact, contemporary sofas in Los Angeles that use the wingback style since it combines wood and fabric as materials.


This one is considered to be one of the most recent classic designs, which is why it easily fits into modern architectural styles. It is sleek and has minimal details. It is likewise available in colors that easily blend, such as black, white, gray, and beige.

As you can see, if you want to achieve a modern-looking, very “in” living room, you do not need every piece of furniture to be contemporary. There are still classic designs that will add life and class to your home

Achieving the style you want depends more on your selection of color, materials, and size. Moreover, finding a furniture store with a wide selection of items and a properly arranged showroom can also help you choose!

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