Common Construction Disputes that Need Employment Solicitors in Bristol

Construction projects are expensive, complex, and high-stress jobs that involve numerous stakeholders, and issues can arise at any point. In the event of construction disputes, it’s crucial to seek counsel from employment solicitors in Bristol to reach an effective and fair resolution.

Common Disputes in Construction

Common Disputes in Construction

All parties in a construction project – including the owners, contractors, engineers, suppliers, and designers – work as part of a system to complete the project on-budget and on time. Failing to deliver services even by one party can lead to costly delays and increases the potential for litigation. Here are some common construction disputes that are best resolved with the help of employment solicitors:

  • Errors and omissions in contracts

One of the most serious, yet easily avoided, problems in construction is mistakes in the contract. An employment solicitor will be able to vet a contract thoroughly to avoid trouble down the line.

  • Non-compliance with contracts

Sometimes, even the most precise and fair contracts are not enough to guarantee prompt and complete rendering of services and equipment. Under construction law, one has the right to seek recourse in case an employer, sub-contractor, and other parties fail to fulfil their obligations, and a construction lawyer can help you receive what you’re entitled to.

  • Problems with site conditions

A construction bid typically depends on the idea that the initial package reflects site conditions, but this assumption does not always hold true. Seek an employment solicitor ASAP for unexpected condition changes such as subsurface conditions that start causing constriction disagreements and delays.

  • Mistakes in contract claims

Before the project even begins, it’s wise to have a construction lawyer on board to define all claims in a contract. Unsubstantiated and poorly-drafted claims can cause all sorts of legal issues down the road, so clarifying every detail is in the best interest of all involved.

  • Excusable and inexcusable delays

Delays in completing components of a construction project can cause multiple and significant financial impacts on the contractor, owner, and the rest of the team. Most delays fall under the excusable or inexcusable categories.

Excusable delays pertain to circumstances beyond one’s control, such as severe weather conditions for which an extension can be made. Inexcusable delays refer to delays that are the fault of contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers, and more. Employment solicitors can provide guidance between the two to determine liability and damages.

  • General damage disputes

Another common reason for disputes are problems with the quality of the workmanship, materials or damage to the property. Aside from physical damage, one can also seek to collect damages in connection to time of completion. It can be complicated to calculate true and total damages as well as collection terms, so the services of a construction lawyer in Bristol is vital to the process.

Consult a Construction Lawyer in Bristol

Since multiple businesses and people are involved in construction projects, talking to a solicitor well-versed in construction law can help things go smoothly and resolve issues in a timely manner. However, consulting an employment solicitor is not only a great idea in case of disputes; talking to a lawyer even at the early stages of the project can help prevent avoidable issues in the future.

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