Construction Management Best Practices for Construction Site Safety and Respect for Private and Public Property

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You might be entering into a contract with a construction management company for either of these reasons: construction or renovation of your company’s building or your house. As it is common with construction and renovation projects, inconvenience—not just to you, but also to your neighbors—is inevitable. Some of these are traffic, noise to neighboring private properties, unavailable parking spaces, and increased risks to human safety brought about by construction sites.

Even if this is the case, you and your partner company has the responsibility to minimize, if not eliminate, the inconveniences your project may bring to other people.

Toward a Construction Site Safety and Respect for Private Property

A smart construction manager will secure the measures to maintain relative harmony and peace within your community in the duration of the construction.

  • Pre-warn your Community. Putting up signs of the coming construction project as well as talking to the people most likely to be affected for a month before the start of the project can spare you to confrontations and complaints that may ensue. Aside from benefit of maintaining good relations within your community, this will allow you to address major and relevant concerns regarding the construction before you commence the project.
  • Secure the necessary permits. A reliable construction management company is aware of the legal controls your local government enforces when it comes to construction. Some of these controls may involve keeping dust, noise, and smoke to a minimum, allowable work hours and conditions, and safety precautions.
  • Parking controls. Oftentimes, parking spaces meant for residents may be occupied by staff or workers from the construction company. This may be avoided by your contractor encouraging its staff and laborers to avoid bringing their own vehicles as much as possible or avoiding parking on spaces designated for residents.
  • Traffic controls. Concrete, cement, and other materials needed for the construction are most often delivered through large trucks, which can impede traffic. Talk to your contractors and try to schedule deliveries with your suppliers to time them when there are fewer cars in your street. If possible, night deliveries are advisable.
  • Noise control. To preserve the quality of life within your community despite the construction, minimization of noise, as well as vibration, must be done. There are localities that enforce policies for this purpose. More frequently, some construction sites are surrounded by acoustic barriers like bricks or tarpaulin to avoid disturbing neighboring private properties. Movement of heavy vehicles within the vicinity must also be monitored, for this can also cause disturbances.
  • Dust control. Dust and debris, as much as possible, must be kept form spreading in the community. Some companies control the spread of dust at source through water sprays.
  • Appropriate warnings. Install cautionary signs and reminders regarding personal protective equipment, the construction, and falling objects for the benefit of the laborers and passersby.


These are just some of the controls that a top-notch construction management company installs in construction sites. A good contractor must value the community as much as the project itself.

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