Coping Tips after Getting Braces from an Ontario Dentist

Having braces could feel frustrating and limiting because of the food restrictions. Aside from that, the dental appliances in the mouth tend to be fragile or sensitive to mechanical movements. If you just finished your braces attachment from an Ontario dentist, here are some tips that will help you survive years of attachment with dental braces.

young woman with braces

Avoid hard foods.

This is true, especially during the first few months after the attachment. Eating restricted foods like nuts and other extremely hard foods can break the bond between the bracket and the teeth. The worst-case scenario is the disjointing of the wire.


  • Set an emergency appointment with your dentist to immediately reconnect the broken pieces.
  • If you can’t avoid the temptation, make sure to eat the prohibited foods with utmost care.

These pieces of advice apply not only to people who are getting braces but also to those who avail of various services from cosmetic dentistry in Ontario, including dental veneers. In other words, expect that achieving an aesthetically appealing smile through such dental procedures entails a little sacrifice.

Familiarize yourself with the brace emergency first aid.

Addressing emergencies before reaching the dental clinic is essential, especially if they impede activities like speaking and eating.

FOR EXAMPLE, a disjointed brace wire as a result of mechanical force on the face like getting hit by a ball.

If one part of the disjointed wire keeps protruding in some parts of the mouth like the gums, cut the cord using household tools like nail cutter. After doing so, keep the cut part and sanitize the mouth before visiting the dentist.

Select dental hygiene tools wisely.

During the first few months and every adjustment period, you may constantly feel the tension. To address this issue, choose a brace-friendly toothbrush like soft-bristled ones. Doing so can go a long way in alleviating the painful tension and cleansing the mouth better.

By avoiding the more abrasive brushes, you reduce the risk of wearing off of brackets or breakage of wire. Soft-bristled brushes and regular use of mouthwash also help better clean hard-to-reach areas due to the positioning of the dental appliances.

Make braces wax your best friend.

Never leave behind the braces wax that comes in the post-procedure kit given to you by your Ontario dentist. This wax will protect you from pain whenever some brackets protrude in the walls of your mouth or if the molar metals feel a little too sharp and excessed inside. Keep using the wax until your next dental checkup. During the consultation, explain to your dentist about the protruding dental appliances. They will apply the necessary adjustments in the braces.

Be on time for your dental appointment.

Sometimes, it can be tempting to ditch your dentist whenever you don’t feel like going. However, coming on time and never missing an appointment, especially for the monthly braces adjustment, is a key to avoid unnecessary delays in bearing the pain of having braces.

Cooperate with your dentist, so that you can be free from those heavy brackets and wires at the earliest possible time. Your dentist will also appreciate non-flaky patients. Help them better use their time for other patients like those who need other treatments like crowns, veneers, and dental implants in Ontario. Remember to make the most of your dental appointment, but don’t forget to respect other’s time as well.

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