Covering All Bases and Spaces: Finding a Holistic Parking Solutions Provider for Your Company or Institution

woman with her car in a parking lot

Since there are many parking solutions providers nowadays, each with their own selling points, it becomes more challenging to find one among the pack. There are the usual considerations of price packaging and areas covered. However, the strongest marketing point may be if they cover the whole package.

In this post, we will discuss the different areas that are crucial if your parking service is truly “the one.”

Is their parking management comprehensive?

A parking solutions provider should be in charge of the revenue generating streams of the business, via parking attendants and parking equipment.

It should be able to provide valet services well beyond the parking space your building has and offer the option of stack parking.

It should also be able to enforce parking rules for “unauthorized vehicles” that use the building parking space that may be in conjunction with other parking spaces.

Do they have services catering to hotel and hospitality services?

A company should be entrusted to manage the parking facility, maintain its upkeep and ensure that the operations are in tune with the quality of the hotel’s overall service.

It should have professional front door staff for entering guests, who should display a pleasant demeanor.

It should have a ready fleet for guest transportation, as guests may have to make runs to events and the like during their stay.

The company should also have a responsible valet service that will manage both in-house and visiting guests’ vehicles.

It should be able to provide professional advice regarding hotel parking management services, and impart their parking optimization know-how to these hotels.

Do they have good solutions for healthcare services?

The company, having knowledge of busy traffic around hospitals, should be able to maximize parking lot space, and be ready to assist patients and guests with vehicles promptly and responsibly during emergencies.

It should have valet services that are always on guard and be able to handles guests’ vehicles carefully in their time of health crisis.

It should also have a staff, preferably both at the front door and at the lobbies, to welcome the guests and address lingering concerns at times of uncertainty.

It should have a ready transportation fleet for off-site parking services if needed.

Do they offer maintenance for vehicle fleets?

It is a great advantage if a parking solution company can provide maintenance and repair for the vehicle fleets for a company or institution, as they are able to go beyond standard parking and take responsibility for vehicles that they may use for their operations.

It should be a complete maintenance and repair provider, offering multiple packages for you to maximize your expenses and zero-in on the solutions your vehicles really need.

Are they able to provide exceptional parking consulting?

If needed, the parking service provider should go beyond providing the necessary staff for any parking space, and give innovative insights on how to take the company or institution’s parking solutions.

It is preferable if it can offer packages for equipment to improve the facilities, as well as consultative advice on fleet and vehicle management.

If it addresses all the concerns above, it is “the one.”

By now, we are able to see why choosing a holistic solutions company pays greatly. Whether you need private company, hotel or hospital parking management—finding a holistic parking solution company would be a great advantage, as they are experienced with all matters regarding parking and traffic.


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