Critical Considerations for a Durable and Long-Lasting St. Louis Artificial Turf Installation

A St. Louis artificial turf installation is an excellent investment. It offers benefits that natural grass cannot match, such as its easy upkeep requirements, evergreen looks, and eco-friendly properties. It’s also incredibly durable and can stay in top condition for up to 15 years. Enjoy these long-term benefits and more by being selective with your turf choices and paying close attention to the installation process!

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4 Considerations for the Best Synthetic Grass Installation

Artificial turf comes with advantages that more than compensate for its significant upfront cost. To experience them, however, you need to be strategic with your grass selection and installation. Keep these considerations in mind when you invest in synthetic grass:

1. Turf Type

Before saying ‘yes’ to a St. Louis artificial turf installation, you should first examine the type of turf that’s going to be used in the project. It is one of the major indicators of a synthetic lawn’s durability. Choose the right kind, and you’re set for up to 15 years of lawn fun.

Consider the purpose of your installation. Planning to use synthetic grass to create a play space for your kids and pets? Light-weight artificial turf may not be for you. Likewise, steer clear of decorative artificial grass as they are only built for short-term use. Invest in top-quality synthetic grass that’s designed for high traffic locations, such as golf courses, dog parks, and playgrounds.

2. Materials

Don’t gamble your installation’s durability on dubious materials. Remember, the cheaper the materials, the more questionable their quality is. Ask your artificial grass supplier and installer about their go-to materials.

For excellent results, choose only the best synthetic grass in St. Louis. It’s the easiest way to ensure the highest quality of materials, from the infills and drainage system to the grass blades and the fasteners. Invest in heavyweight materials for places that experience a lot of traffic to ensure the installation’s longevity.

3. Manufacturing Process

Dig deeper about your potential turf and installation materials. Where were they obtained? Who manufactured them, and how were they produced? Inquire about their quality assurance systems. Let your synthetic grass supplier and installer explain how they ensure the durability and quality of their products. Their commitment to quality says a lot about the product and service they are offering.

4. Installation

Lastly, look at the installation process. Make sure that you oversee from the beginning until the end. It doesn’t matter if the finest materials are used for the installation if the turf is not correctly installed. Edges should be fastened properly, and the drainage system must be intact. Not everyone has the skills and expertise to pull off an error-free installation, which is why hiring experienced installers is a must.

Enjoy a Long-Lasting Lawn!

When it comes to synthetic lawns, durability is as important as aesthetics. Don’t cut corners with your artificial grass project. Consider these factors and invest in durable artificial turf in St. Louis for an installation that truly adds value to your home!

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