Dental Issues Solved by an Orthodontist in Santa Ana, CA

Want to fix your misaligned or crowded teeth? Instead of seeing a dentist, set an appointment with an orthodontist from Santa Ana, CA. Orthodontists are more qualified to address dental issues that involve teeth and jaw alignment. They can correct teeth and jaws that are structured improperly, improving your bite and your smile significantly.

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Dental Cases for Orthodontists

Because of the limited scope of basic dentistry, many dental practitioners have upgraded their skills at a university accredited by the American Dental Association (ADA). They undergo two or more years of training in an ADA-approved orthodontic program to diversify their services and provide long-term solutions to occlusion and bite problems.

Here are just of the dental issues that an orthodontist from Santa Ana, CA can address:

Crowded or Misaligned Teeth

You never have to worry about displaying a crooked or imperfect smile when you have teeth that are in-line. Orthodontists provide teeth-straightening solutions that create that picture-perfect smile. Depending on your dental issue, they may recommend:

Metal braces – These devices push crooked or misaligned teeth into their proper positions using metal wires, bands, and brackets.

Retainers – These are used to prevent teeth from shifting back to their previous positions during alignment processes.

Invisalign – This is a clear, metal-free bite corrector that is used to reposition crooked, gapped, or misaligned teeth.

Headgear – This holds the back teeth in position, pulls back front teeth, and slows down the development of the upper jaw.

Palatal Expander – This is a removable plastic plate that is placed over the roof of the mouth to widen the palatal area.

Jaw repositioning appliances – This is a removable device fitted either on the upper or lower jaw to help the jaw close in an ideal position.

Some orthodontists work closely with a cosmetic dentist in Santa Ana to give their patients a truly lifelike smile. Choose a clinic that offers most dental specialties to enjoy this advantage.

Bite Imperfections

Many people have crooked teeth and jaws that affect their ability to chew. An orthodontist has the training and equipment needed to correct an individual’s bite, which effectively diminishes teeth-related insecurity and enhances eating experience. Common bite issues include:

Open bite – when there’s a space between the biting surfaces of the side or front teeth when the back teeth come together.

Crossbite – when the upper teeth do not meet the front of the lower teeth slightly when biting

Overbite – when the upper front teeth stick out over the lower teeth

Underbite – when the upper teeth are too far back or the lower teeth are too forward

These are only some of the bite imperfections that orthodontists address. If you are experiencing bite-related issues that were not mentioned, don’t hesitate to talk to your orthodontist about them.

Get that Picture-Perfect Smile with Help from an Orthodontist!

Why head to a dentist for your teeth and jaw alignment problems when you would only be referred to an orthodontist? Go straight to an orthodontist. With expert care and treatment, an orthodontist in Sta. Ana can give you the smile of your dreams. Set an appointment with your local orthodontic Sta Ana dental clinic now to get the dental care you deserve!

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