Enjoy a Bug-Free Lawn with Excellent Artificial Grass in Stockton

Bugs love natural grass. They eat it, they make their homes in it, and they reproduce on its turf. While you can get rid of them using pest control solutions, it’s only a matter of time before another group will settle on your lawn. It’s a costly, upkeep cycle —break it by switching to excellent artificial grass in Stockton!

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3 Bothersome Bugs that Thrive in Natural Lawns

Before we discuss how synthetic turf eliminates bug-related pest problems, let’s consider some of the creepy crawlies that plague natural lawns.

  1. Lawn Grubs

Lawn grubs don’t just feast on turf roots and leave behind brown patches of dying grass. They also attract other pests to your lawn. If your yard is home to these voracious bugs, chances are it’s also the feeding grounds of skunks, raccoons, and other grub-eating animals.

  1. Armyworms

Typically traveling in huge groups, armyworms thrive on grass and lawn foliage.  Their feeding creates unhealthy, brown patches on the lawn that’s extremely similar to drought stress.

  1. Fleas

While fleas don’t damage grass, they certainly pose a risk to those that use the lawn. They latch unto unsuspecting pets and humans, burrowing into their skin and sucking their blood. Given the right conditions, they can infest your yard and home in a matter of weeks.

Take note: even the healthiest yards often play host to these troublesome insects. While professional lawn maintenance keeps them in check, it doesn’t solve the problem permanently. Only a total turf transformation with excellent artificial grass in Stockton can get rid of bug problems for good.

How Synthetic Turf Deters Persistent Pests 

Top-quality artificial grass retains a lush, vibrant look with minimal upkeep throughout the year. Here’s why it’s the best option for achieving a bug-free outdoor experience.

  • It is not insect-friendly. Creepy crawlies have nothing to gain from staying and munching on artificial grass. They can neither eat nor take shelter in its synthetic blades. Since it completely covers the soil, bugs won’t be able to burrow into the dirt underneath it.
  • It provides a consistently dry lawn surface throughout the yard. When portions of your turf don’t get enough sunlight due to trees and other shade-providers, excess moisture can accumulate and attract insects. This is not an issue with the proprietary drainage of pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs in Stockton.
  • It does not retain excess moisture. Stagnant water is appealing to various insects. Not only does it make the air humid, but it also promotes mold and mildew development. When left alone, it also provides a breeding ground for mosquitoes. Synthetic turf is equipped with a drainage system that efficiently and automatically takes care of excess moisture.
  • It does not produce pollen. Since it’s synthetic and pollen-free, artificial turf does not interest wasps, hornets, and other dangerous stingers. You don’t have to worry about your pet stumbling on a Yellow Jacket’s nest or your kids encountering aggressive paper wasps.

Say Goodbye to Lawn Bugs with Top-Quality Artificial Grass!

Level up your lawn experience with a bug-deterring ground covering! For the best artificial grass and putting greens in Stockton, trust only the leading turf provider in your area. Ensure a consistent and long-lasting installation by getting yours done by a professional synthetic turf installer!

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