How Brunschwig and Fils Wallpaper Can Brighten a Budget Design

Who says interior design should only be for the rich and powerful? Redesigning your home does not need to hurt your pockets. Of course, investing in topnotch accessories like Brunschwig and Fils wallpaper is not only reasonable but highly recommended. Other things you can do can be splashed with a bit more creativity and ingenuity.

Here are a few budget-friendly tips to reinvigorate your home’s interior design this 2019.

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  1. Get a fresh layout

Give your home something “new” this New Year! You don’t even have to buy new furniture. Just mix things up. Break up your current layout and move things around to gain a new perspective.

Don’t limit yourself with the furniture in a single room. Transfer that garden table to the kitchen! Liven up your patio with that bookshelf. Use that bedside drawer as your improvised coffee table. Your imagination’s the limit! Don’t be afraid to experiment and go out of your comfort zones! It is by doing that you gain something new!

  1. Update your designs

You don’t have to spend much to stay current. Read and research online what’s trending this 2019. Here are a few design trends that are expected to make their mark this New Year:

  • Scallops and scales. Some design experts call it the “Blue Planet Effect” wherein designs are increasingly becoming rooted in nature with this season specifically mirroring the deep, unexplored majesty of the ocean. Use curved and wavy furniture and designs matched with ocean-toned colors, and you’re set!
  • These beautiful patterns of animal and people that have fascinated the ancients for millennia have finally made their way to homes. Try using star-, galaxy-, or zodiac-themed wallcoverings to achieve the desired effect. Checkout Fabricut Fabrics extensive portfolio for excellent choices!
  • Mid-Century modernism. Ah, mid-century! This theme doesn’t seem to die out. Although not as easy to pull off if you lack the right furniture for it, but the same effect can be achieved just by using ones with low-slung lines and made of natural wood (or looks like it!), which are trademarks of this design.

That’s just three, and we’re sure there are lots more! So do a quick search after you’re done reading this list!

  1. Experiment with color

2019 is the year of big colors! The key is DON’T BE AFRAID! Your home is an extension of your personality, so don’t hesitate to make it your own! Translate your thoughts and emotions into a vivid color palette and splash it on your walls, furniture, coverings, etc. Use the same color palette for big open spaces and accents as well. Never forget those details!

  1. Explore room-specific trends

Want a more in-depth strategy? Be room-specific. Check out what experts are saying for each room:

  • Kitchen design should foster interaction. Greater transparency in furniture from transparent cupboards and glass tables to a high-tech refrigerator that allows you to see what’s inside without opening. Also, don’t forget to go natural and environmental!
  • Rather than putting stuff in for practical uses, bathrooms have evolved to become a space for comfort and relaxation. Include soft accessories like upholstered seating, cushions, or even dim lighting.

So? Are you ready to transport your home to its 2019 new self? Well, what are you waiting for? Get on it!

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