How Recent Workplace Trends are Shaping Senior Executive Recruitment

When it comes to senior executive recruitment, one must be informed about recent trends in the workplace. Finding suitable middle managers in your business is more complex more than ever as a result of shifts in office structure.
Here is an overview of the recruitment trends that we are seeing lately, and are causing an impact on executive recruitment in a big way.


  1. IT redefining recruitment
  2. The advent of information technology has introduced many changes in business. Managerial roles have been affected by these changes in roles. For instance, we have observed a shift to managerial roles because of automation. An 88% job drop in manufacturing, for instance, has been caused by automation trends. The purpose of a managerial role in animation, in this instance, is to oversee the technological processes of the company.

    Knowledge of these new technologies has also created a space for executives who have backgrounds in innovation technology. As a result, there is a demand for “innovation leaders” to harness the impact of new technologies in business.

  3. Reliance on analytics
  4. Unlike before, when accounting and finance departments kept track of a company’s data, companies now have full copies of this information. This data, however, would require individuals who could measure and integrate the data.

    This creates a new breed of officer: the chief data officer. This person is tasked to take charge of the company’s storage of information, and process it for company initiatives and operations. Other examples of new, specialized roles created because of this shift in office structure include vice presidents for data analytics, and vice president for business intelligence.

  5. Employer brand as promotion
  6. There is now intense competition, notably at the executive level. Companies who use consistent branding will become significant winners. Candidates will even interview you about your brand presence on tri-media (print, television and radio), social media, and on your website.

    Branding has become so important to a company’s reputation, that 80% of employers believe their brand is an effective recruitment tool.

  7. Emphasis on company cultural fit
  8. Talent was once the primary consideration of companies in hiring people. Not anymore. Nowadays, most companies will hire people first on how they will adapt to the culture. Once the company’s values and culture have been inculcated by the employees, the skills will then be developed.

    It has become more important for a company to find a person that will be in line with its vision, wants, desire and aims in getting the person that will fit their profile, as they are more likely to retain an employee because of this. As a result, they have more long-term savings and less risk, as compared to getting a more disgruntled executive who will leave immediately.

Get the Best Recruitment Option

With these significant developments in recruitment, getting people to fill in positions at the senior level is more important than ever. For the benefit of your business, you should consult with a firm that can follow the latest trends, notably when it comes to recruitment. This will give you an edge over your competition. Plus, it can ensure that you are getting the right people for your company.

To make sure that you are getting people not only based on their resume, but for what they can add to the company based on their overall background, consult with the top recruiting firms in Houston for the most ideal recruitment solution for your business.

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