Major Vancouver and British Columbia Infrastructure Projects Expected to Boost Construction Management in the Region

construction management scene in Vancouver, BC, Canada

The construction management scene in the Canadian province of British Columbia is very promising. Many projects are slated to take place in the next five years. A great number of these projects include expansion and improvement of the province’s main public facilities. In turn, the projects will encourage more trade and public interaction, drawing more people to BC’s key areas and cause improvement in sectors such as housing.

Here are just some of the major public construction projects expected in BC over the next few years:

  • Expansion of Vancouver International Airport (YVR)

  • Riding on a wave of tourism and immigration, the international gateway of Vancouver is getting a much-needed expansion. On 14 June 2018, YVR broke ground on construction projects that aim to make it a world-class connecting hub. All in all, 75 major projects are to be completed, which will cost $9.1 billion CAD over 20 years.

    Some notable projects include construction of the biggest GeoExchange systems in the country, improved vehicle rental facilities, important terminal expansions, and new parking options. It is expected that by the end of this year, construction activities will create up to around 2,500 full-time construction jobs on Sea Island, and up hundreds more offsite. This will offer a great number of jobs for British Columbians.

  • George Massey Tunnel Replacement Project

  • The 629 m long George Massey Tunnel, which connects Delta to Richmond and Vancouver, is scheduled to undergo renovation this year. Considered a breakthrough when it opened in 1959 due to being the first immersed tube technology project in Canada, it is now experiencing congestion problems. In addition, it only has 10 years of useful life remaining, hence the need for immediate replacement.

    Some of the improvements proposed include transit reliability improvements, a pedestrian and cycling pathway, and lengthening of the Steveston off-ramp on Highway 99 at the tunnel’s north end. With this renovation, benefits such as improved travel time, improved safety, and improved transit are expected. The replacement is expected to cost around $3.5 billion CAD. At the moment, the project is at the design development stage.

  • Millennium Line Broadway Extension of SkyTrain

  • Metro Vancouver’s acclaimed SkyTrain system opens another phase with the planned Broadway Corridor extension. As the priority project of Vancouver’s Transportation 2040 Plan, it aims to ease commuting in the Broadway Corridor, which is a major employment center.

    As of the moment, the Corridor is serviced by the busiest bus route in both Canada and the USA. With the completion of the line, commuters will get a more travel efficient option, and economic growth in the region will be supported. The project, currently in the schematic design stage, has an estimated cost of $2.8 billion CAD.

BC Moving Forward

The new construction projects in BC are testament that development is happening at a fast pace in the province. Numerous construction management opportunities, as well as job openings, are expected.

The public infrastructure improvements will also have a profound effect on businesses in Vancouver and BC. Private construction is sure to benefit from all of this, especially residential and rental housing construction. With the upcoming construction boom, major players in the industry, including BC construction manager Dan Greenhalgh, are optimistic on the province’s bright future.

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