Massages and Facials in Leesburg: The Perfect Couples’ Treat to Combat Stress

Relationships are a lot of work. Judy Ford, a licensed clinical social worker, says that stress has become such a normal part of life that many people begin to fail to see symptoms and warning signs. Before things go awry, couples can try out a session of massage or facials in Leesburg, VA.

couple enjoying massage

5 Benefits of Couple Spa Time

Read on and discover the reasons you and your special someone should take a day off and go for a massage and facials combo in your local Leesburg, VA spa.

  1. Promotes intimacy.

    Intimacy can never be overemphasized when it comes to relationships. Often, without the closeness achieved through intimate acts, a relationship can devolve to unenthusiastic and uninspired connection. Intimacy keeps the fire alive in a relationship. Couple massages are perfect avenues to explore this and go back to the roots of your relationship: each other.

  2. Good for the health.

    A good massage and facial session provide numerous health benefits. These include:

        • • Detoxifies and exfoliates dead skin
        • • Reduces insomnia
        • • Cleanses and rejuvenates the skin
        • • Slows aging
        • • Promotes blood circulation

    Simply put, there’s no reason you and your loved one can’t go for a massage!

  3. Easy gift.

    Any special occasion is worth remembering. Be it a birthday, anniversary, your first date, or the first time you kissed, you can make it more memorable by gifting your special someone with a Leesburg massage or facial session. Enjoy your special day in an intimate setting.

  4. Talk.

    Talking is one of the undervalued aspects of a relationship. Partners often find themselves busy with work, family, their kids, or other issues and aspects of life, that finding time to sit down and ask the other how their day was is becoming increasingly rare. Talking is that one thing you can do during a massage. When you visit the spa alone, more often than not, you would like to keep quiet and savor every second. However, with your partner, the relaxed and intimate setting can get you talking quickly. Ask them how their day was. Do they feel fine? Where would they want to go after? You will surely feel like you are backdating again!

  5. Creates “US” time.

    It is hard enough to set time for yourself, even harder to find time to be “alone together” with your special someone. Especially so if you’re already with kids and can’t find a sitter for a date night, having a couples’ spa day can turn a usual “ME” session to a quality “US” time. You can catch up and rekindle old memories. The relaxed vibe is a great backdrop to reinvigorate your relationship.

“Awakening” Your Relationship

Ready to give your sleeping (and maybe mildly irritated) relationship a much-needed wake-up call? Grab your partner or surprise them. Book a facials session and pair it up with pampering massage in Leesburg now and see where it takes you both.

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