Medications from a Compounding Pharmacy in Las Vegas: Uses, Benefits, and How You Can Get them

From treating complex medical conditions to reviving discontinued medicine, compounded medication has helped revolutionize modern health care. Today, with the help of a compounding pharmacy in Las Vegas and in other states, people now have access to more accurate forms of medication and treatment.

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The Use of Compounded Medication

Compounded medication can be used in different ways and treatments. One of the most notable uses of compounded medication is natural hormone replacement which is often sold  as a “bioidentical hormone replacement.” Other uses of compounded medication also focus on different conditions such as autoimmune diseases, skin conditions, and other hormonal deficiencies.

The Benefits of Compounded Medicine

Compounded medicine can provide a lot of benefits, including:

  1. A more controlled form of ingestion.

This is for people who have trouble ingesting medicine, especially pills and capsules. Compounded medications are customized to meet a patient’s specific need or condition, which can include preference of taste or method of ingestion.

  1. A more balanced dosage.

Oftentimes, the available dosages of over-the-counter drugs are either too high or low for some patients. With compounded medication, key ingredients of low dose naltrexone, for instance, can be formulated for a safer level of dosage based on the patient’s needs.

  1. A more flexible medication.

Not all medicines are available in the market. Compounded medications, on the other hand, are customized to meet a patient’s specific conditions. As such, patients can get the medication in the right dosage and formula.

Who May Write Prescriptions for Compounded Medication

Although compounded medicines are widely available in many compounding pharmacies, these are some of the specialists that can write prescriptions for them.

  • Pain Specialists

Pain management, when not handled right, can make things worse over time. In some instances, taking over-the-counter drugs for pain management can cause the condition to escalate. Other times, the right dosage isn’t available over the counter at all. As such, you can ask a pain specialist to write a prescription in order for you to get the medicine in the right dosage and in safer measures.

  • Dermatologists

Conditions such as psoriasis and acne may vary depending on the patient’s skin type. Dermatologists can prescribe topical solutions when most over-the-counter medications fail or are unavailable.

  • Veterinarians

Some animals under the care of veterinarians have trouble ingesting the medicine given to them or are uncomfortable with how it’s applied. In such cases, veterinarians can write prescriptions for compounded pet medication in order to help ease the treatment.

Keep your health in check and seek customized treatment for immediate recovery. Visit a compounding pharmacy in Las Vegas today.

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