Modern Bedroom Furniture and Other Setup Ideas for the Newlyweds

Setting up and buying furniture and appliances are definitely part of the newlyweds’ checklist. Among these items, probably one of the most crucial ones to decide on is the bedroom furniture. This is because the most intimate times together are most likely spent in this part of the house. Newlyweds can play with different ideas like modern bedroom furniture and a wide range of custom made bed choices when planning their very first bedroom design.


Below are some descriptions of bedroom design ideas. They range from discussing the aesthetic elements to the convenience aspect of choosing furniture with a partner.

  • Modern bedroom furniture design is simple and minimal
    This feature makes the bedroom an ideal one for starters since they can easily mash up furniture pieces together without making highly awkward combinations, especially in terms of colors. This is true especially that modern design is dominated by neutral and earthy colors. The couple can also easily switch to other designs like contemporary if they wished to someday because of this flexibility. They can start by procuring furniture accessories with bright and stark contrasting colors. When they can further afford whole new furniture pieces, all the more will their bedroom look great.
  • Selecting custom made beds
    Aside from being the aesthetic considerations tackled in the modern bedroom furniture design, physical comfortability is another key in planning. So selecting the right custom-made bed for the room is critical. If people care about the satisfaction they get from their beds when being single, all the more that they should care when they are already married because the partners’ sensitivities, quirks, and other unique traits are also being taken into consideration. The newlyweds should talk about the said uniqueness when talking about which custom-made bed they should buy. Luckily, many furniture shops offer a wide range of varieties that would probably match different preferences.
  • Mid-century bed
    Further digging into furniture brochures, magazines, and websites can bring readers to the concept of mid-century designs. Mid-century bed or pieces belonging to the mid-century furniture design do have an overlap with the modern furniture design when it comes to timeline and they can have similarities like earthy colors.It must be emphasized, though, that mid-century design also covers bright hues according to an article of Architectural Digest. This means that the design can be flexible and may work with different shades, making the newlyweds’ planning a little bit more playful if they prefer.

Online Browsing and Other Ideas

To facilitate the easier selection of furniture pieces, the couple can definitely just opt to browse online shops. Through this, photos of the concepts tackled earlier can be seen, and deciding on which ones to buy will be so much easier.

The design inspiration mentioned is definitely not exhaustive, and there are a lot to choose from. They are just kick-starters for the newlyweds to work around on. So for the newlyweds, start jotting down notes now and keep the planning rolling to finally see the bedroom concepts come to life through the tangible furniture.