Potty Training 101: How to Make Your Pet’s Toilet Time Easier with Pet-friendly Artificial Grass for Dogs in Manteca

beagle puppy sitting on grass

If your pooch has been used to doing his business outside on your fresh lawn, you will probably find it hard to convince him that your newly installed pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs in Manteca is the new best place for him to potty.

But why do some dogs refuse to do their business on fake grass? Here are some reasons:

  • It is sometimes all about the smell. Since artificial turf is easily cleaned and is mostly used as a dog toilet, it has a more sanitized smell. Natural grass, in all its bacterial glory, has certain scents that dogs look for (usually, scents of other dogs) and would like to cover. Without these scents, your dog is less motivated.
  • Sometimes, your pooch is too well-behaved. As they are trained not to go on certain places like carpets or hardwood flooring, places that do not smell or feel like real grass (where they can go) feels to them off-bounds.

DO NOT WORRY! This can be remedied!

Well, all it takes is timing, patience, and a few neat tricks. Here are some tips you could use to guide your furry friend:

  1. First, you need to choose where your dog should do their business. Whether it is on your top-quality artificial grass putting greens in Manteca on your backyard, or your creatively installed interior lawn of synthetic turf, you should guide your dog to recognize the spot and teach him that it is ok to do his business there.
  2. Second, do a follow-up. That is to say; you literally need to follow your dog whenever it looks like he is going to poop or urinate. If your dog chooses the right spot, give him verbal praise and a reward. If not, then gently guide him toward the right place.

QUICK TIP: It is helpful to walk or guide your dog to their potty spot every 30 minutes or so, whether or not they need to go, just so he becomes familiar with how to get there.

  1. Third, once you are confident that your dog has learned, you can remove his leash off and let him wander on their own. As with Step 2, give him a reward whenever he does right, and teach him again whenever he does not.
  2. Rinse and repeat! Again, it takes patience to teach your pooch, but it will all be worth it. Why?

Here’s why!

  • Pet-friendly artificial grass for dogs in Manteca is easy to clean! As such, your dog will leave no unwanted scent and will not cause bacterial build-up. Your artificial lawn will be safe for your pooch, for you, or your kids!
  • No digging! We all know how much dogs love to bury their business. Without soil, there is no digging. No unseemly potholes and no mud in the house either.
  • No overgrown grasses! This is not readily obvious, but small dogs and puppies are often overwhelmed by grass that is taller than them. With a synthetic turf that is always neat, flat, and even, this is no longer a problem.

The only question now is…

Why are you not calling up the best artificial grass installer in Manteca? Have your artificial lawn installed now, and your dog will love you even more!

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