PPC Management Tips: Why You Should Never Close Your Ad Words Account

Many businesses today have adopted digital marketing techniques. A good number of business owners have even run Ad Words on their own. Unfortunately, some may not have found the results they were hoping for or simply had no time to properly execute PPC management, resulting in idle Ad Words accounts. If this applies to you, make sure you do not make the mistake of deleting your account.


It may seem natural to delete an account you no longer use, but removing your Ad Words account can be quite disadvantageous for your business. These disadvantages may include:

  • Starting Over From Scratch

There will come a time when you’ll want to try your hand at PPC ads again in the future. Sadly, you’ll need to start over from scratch if you’ve deleted your account. Any beneficial effects concerning ads and SEO that you had in the past have also been erased. This can entail a significant amount of money just to get back to the level you previously were, and that’s money that could’ve quickly helped you reach a higher pedestal had you still owned your previous account.

  • Competitors Gain a Bigger Edge

You may have decided to delete your account, but that doesn’t mean that your competitors have arrived at the same decision. Each day your ads aren’t running is another day your competitors are able to edge out your business for new leads. As you can imagine, competing against an entrenched competitor in PPC campaign management puts you at a significant disadvantage.

  • Higher Costs per Click

Idle accounts also come at a significant cost, and in many cases, those costs are much more than what you may believe you’re saving. Research has shown that reactivating dormant accounts to run a new ad set leads to higher costs per click. In some cases, idle accounts can be charged nearly double per click at a lower average position than when the account was last active. In other words, you’re getting much less for your dollar than before.

What You Should Do Instead

If your Ad Words account had become idle because of a lack of time to run it efficiently, it might be in your best interest to get in touch with a PPC campaign management service. Working with PPC professionals allows you to take full advantage of the many benefits that PPC campaigns can provide. This frees you up to do what you do best: running your business. Furthermore, professionals understand the algorithms Google uses and can easily optimize your ads for maximum reach while reducing the cost per click.

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