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Shower Remodel in Los Angeles and More Options for Senior-Friendly Bathrooms

As we grow older, using the bathroom effectively and safely becomes more challenging. If you’ve been thinking about a bathroom makeover, consider a shower remodel in Los Angeles and other special changes that will make your bathroom a more accommodating place not just for seniors, but for the whole family as well.

senior friendly bathroom

7 Senior-Friendly Bathroom Hacks

Don’t worry – there’s no need to settle for a drab, featureless bathroom even if you’re renovating with older adults in mind. In fact, these hacks not only make your bathroom more accessible for everyone, but with the help of the right bathroom remodeling contractor, these upgrades can make your bathroom a more beautiful and enjoyable place to spend time in! Check out these tips:

  1. Switch to lever faucets – Twisting and turning faucets are not only difficult for seniors, but also for children or simply when you have slippery hands. Make things easier by installing lever faucets. With a wide range of styles to choose from, you’re bound to find one that fits your bathroom’s overall theme. 
  2. Install a sprayer attachment – During the planning stage for your shower installation in Los Angeles, ask your contractor about installing a sprayer attachment for your bathroom. Since you can detach it and hold it in your hand, it makes it so much easier for seniors to take a bath without having to stand up, and is also more convenient and safer for other activities like bathing toddlers and pets. 
  3. Go for rails and grab bars – This is one of the most practical ways to create a senior-friendly bathroom. It streamlines the process of getting up, sitting down, and moving around not only for older adults, but also for their caregivers. 
  4. Raise toilet heightBathroom remodeling in Glendale, CA is your chance to increase toilet height by installing a thicker toilet seat and other alternatives. An increase as little as three inches can make the difference between a pleasant bathroom experience or a difficult one. 
  5. Spread out thick rugs – a warm rug makes any bathroom a more comfortable place for anyone using it. There are water-proof options on the market which are made especially for bathrooms, or you can also ask your bathroom remodeling contractor for suggestions. 
  6. Non-slip mats – Aside from thick rugs, be sure to add a couple of non-slip bath mats to your bathroom. Puddles of water is a common issue in bathrooms, and non-slip mats help prevent slips and falls. 
  7. Walk-in showers – Help seniors maintain their independence by converting your old bathtub into a shower. A shower conversion makes it much easier to take a bath, and it’s also an excellent way to breathe new life into your bathroom.

It’s Always a Good Time for a Bathroom Makeover and Shower Remodel in Los Angeles!

Finally, make the most of your bathroom remodel by working with a one-day remodeling contractor in Los Angeles! In as little as a day, you can have a total bathroom transformation without undergoing a painfully long and complicated full renovation.

Whether you want to renovate your bathroom for the older members of your family, or you’re simply craving to rejuvenate the bathroom, it’s possible to get everything done in less done a day with the right contractor.

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