Sleep Soundly and Pain-Free with the Best Pillow for Neck Pain Side Sleeper

Quality pillow is essential for patients with chronic neck pain. The best pillow for neck pain and side sleeper allows comfortable and restful sleep without all the pain and pressure .


Various cervical pillows in the market cater to those who want a pain free-sleep. In fact, multiple research on spine problems and improved technology paved the way for a plethora of pillow options for better sleep. To lay out your options more clearly, we discussed the characteristics of the ideal pillow for neck-pain sufferers and side sleepers.

4 Indicators of the Best Pillow for Neck Pain and Side Sleeper

Having a hard time searching for the right pillow? Ensure a goodnight’s sleep every day. Here are the best characteristics of a pillow for side sleepers:

  1. Adaptable design
    The ideal pillow for a side sleeper with neck pain needs to conform to the head’s structure. In that way, your neck is not strained. Pillows that are too high or too stiff will keep the neck flexed overnight, resulting in pain the next morning.Alternatively, a feather pillow can conform to the shape of your neck, but it will collapse over time and has to be replaced yearly. Thus, you need an adaptable pillow made from the finest quality materials.
  2. Made from high quality materials
    As mentioned in the previous point, a great side-sleeper pillow is crafted from only the best materials that are not only comfortable, but also non-destructive to your health. Look for a pillow made from the following materials:
    • Gel-Infused Memory Foam
      This type of memory foam breathes much better than the traditional foam because of the revolutionary gel infused in it. As a result, users get unequalled comfort when they lay their heads on this foam.
    • Talalay Latex foam
      This type of foam is 33% more pressure relieving, 7x more breathable, and 20x more durable than memory foam. It is hypo allergenic, anti-microbial, and dust-mite resistant, guaranteeing you worry-free sleep.
  1. Prevents or eliminates snoring
    Snoring occurs when the flow of air on the mouth or nose is obstructed. This can worsen if you have an uneven pillow or are in a painful position. When this happens, you risk having long interruptions from breathing, frequent waking from sleep, and a heart strain leading to high blood pressure.As such, the perfect pillow for the neck pain sufferer should not only guarantee uninterrupted sleep, but reduce or eliminate snoring as well.
  2. Can be used by people of different sizes
    Neck pain can affect people of different ages and sizes. If a pillow brand offers pillows in a variety of sizes and maintains the same effectivity, this brand is a keeper.

Say Goodbye and Goodnight to Painful Sleep

When looking for a side sleeper cushion, don’t just look for any cervical pillow; trust the one that relieves your pain and gets you sleeping in no time. Take the time to study every available pillow in the market, and ask to test them if possible. Make sure that you get one that is comfortable, non-toxic, and durable; it is a valuable investment, after all.

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