Used Car Tips: When to Buy a Vehicle from Used Car Dealers in Bend, OR

If you’re in need of a car, but lack funds to buy from the regular dealership, purchasing from used car dealers in Bend, OR is a better option.  However, there are certain times that you can save on your purchase. Dealers may be more inclined to give discounts, enabling you to save extra money!

miniature figure buying used car

Best Times to Buy a Used Car

Here the best possible moments for you to get a pre-owned or used car at the best deal.

  • Any day except Saturday and Sunday

In other words, buy on weekdays! This is self-explanatory: a dealership is buzzing with activity when people don’t have work. However, if your boss allows you a day-off, you can head off to the dealership and have it all to yourself.

Sales reps are more relaxed at this time, and can respond to any question you have for them. You also stand the chance of getting a better financing deal, since you are one of a few customers. Another advantage is that money lenders are also open, so you can walk in and set up your financing plan right away!

  • After Thanksgiving

With many other people causing stampedes at malls for Black Friday sales, used car dealerships are also in on the action with promos of their own. This is because the spending frenzy spills over to car buyers, so dealers are quick to capitalize.

Sure, there may also be a handful of people looking to buy cars. However, Black Friday deals are hard to pass up; and if you happen to be lucky, you can get that classic convertible you’ve been eyeing for so long!

  • During a local auto show

Even if the used cars have nothing to do with the brand new rides debuting at the auto show, the demand for the new cars will cause vehicle supplies to rise.  Around this time, car brands and dealers aggressively promote their new models, and customers try to trade in their old rides.

Seeing the latest Ford Ranger may stir up nostalgic feelings in people who can’t afford it, that they head to the used car dealer to buy old models. As a result, more of those models come in, and might be fortunate to snag a good deals!

  • Whenever you’re ready

Anytime you have done your research on the car you want, and have made a financing plan on your own, you can head on over to your local car dealership. If you come rushing in with barely an idea of the car you want, you may end up regretting your purchase. Know what you really want from the get-go, and analyze if you have to means to purchase it.

Wheel-y Good Bargains

While not as brand spanking new as regular cars, vehicles from used car dealers in Bend, OR are still great finds. Just make sure you check the car thoroughly with the dealer, and do some inspections on your own. Read and participate in used car forums to get insights on particular models. With the right timing and research, you can get not only a bargain, but a worthy investment!

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