What to Expect After Going Through the Best Laser Surgery in Los Angeles

All set to get the best laser eye surgery in Los Angeles? Make sure you’re prepared not only for what’s going down during the procedure, but after it as well. Read on to find out what you can expect after going through the operation.

after surgery

The first 24 hours:

  • You will feel mild discomfort after the topical anesthesia wears off. Your eyes may itch, burn, or feel like there’s something on its surface.
  • Your vision may be blurry. If your first instinct is to rub it, don’t! Blurry, foggy, or hazy vision is a common and temporary side-effect of Lasik surgery. So, don’t be concerned. Let your surgeon know about it and don’t rub your eyes. Doing so will only irritate your eyes further and potentially damage or dislodge the flap.
  • You may experience sensitivity to light. This is another common and temporary post-operation development. You may be sensitive to glares and starbursts. Don’t worry. These symptoms will improve after a few days.
  • Your surgeon will prescribe pain relievers. He/she will tell you how much to take and how often. Your specialist will also give you his/her contact details so that, if anything worrying happens, you can call him/her.
  • Your surgeon may prescribe eye drops. This is to combat the dryness that’s common post-operation. Make sure to follow your specialist’s instructions.
  • You must pay the operation fee. If you haven’t yet, that is. It’s best to pay before the procedure so you won’t have to worry about it after. Don’t have the means to pay for the Lasik eye surgery cost in Los Angeles operation in full? Don’t worry. You can still get the treatment. There are many options for Lasik financing in Los Angeles. Ask your surgeon about their clinic’s to find out more.
  • You must rest your eyes for 2-4 hours once you get home. This will give your eyes ample time to recover to the immediate effects of the operation.
  • You must not engage in any strenuous activity. The strain that it’ll put your body in will negatively affect your eyes.

The first week:

  • You will visit your eye specialist a day or two after the operation. The doctor will examine your eyes, evaluate your vision, and ensure your Lasik recovery process is going well.
  • You must not touch or rub your eyes. This is imperative in the first week when your eyes are extremely sensitive.
  • You must keep soap and other chemicals away from your eyes. So, be careful when you take baths or showers.

The first month:

  • You may engage in strenuous activity a week after your Lasik operation. You may resume your exercise routine and accomplish your more physically taxing jobs. Avoid contact sports though. The risk of getting poked in the eye in games like football are high after all.
  • You must keep chemicals away from your eyes. This includes makeup (e.g., eyeliner, mascara, brushes, etc.), soap, shampoo, and eye cream. You must also refrain from getting into swimming pools, hot tubs, lakes, rivers, and seas for similar reasons.

Do you have any concerns or questions about these post-surgery expectations? If so, don’t hesitate to bring them up to your laser eye surgeon. He/she should be more than happy to tell you more about Lasik and allay any concerns you have about the procedure.

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