Work with Leesburg, VA Wedding Photographers for Amazing Beach Wedding Photos

One of the most popular settings for a wedding is the beach. With the shining blue sea in the background, the sun in the sky, the sand at your feet, and natural scenery around you, you can’t help but be taken by the view. However, being an in-demand shooting location, you need your own wedding memories to stand out. In this article, we will show you how to work with Leesburg, VA wedding photographers and come up with unique and creative wedding photos that will blow everyone’s mind away.

honeymoon with lucky people bride with flowers and wedding dress on the beach

Beach Wedding Photo Tips

Below are some ways you can make your beach wedding a glam affair in photos:

  • Plan out a good schedule for photography.

Make the most out of the time and light available. Try looking at beach shots done before. Have a sit down with your photographer about the possible locations for the shoot. Explaining the best time to shoot will set the best date.

  • Maximize camera lighting.

Using camera lighting balances the exposure between the background and the couple. You can use camera lighting as fill light for ironing out exposure between the couple and the background, even if the sunlight seems harsh. Flash should be used more to make the couple stand out.

  • Have many lenses ready.

Close-up lenses will be effective in getting intimate moments of the couple. You will also get a great depth of field in the images, getting a nice hue from the background. Be careful, however, of sand since it is a difficult element to handle. Even a small speck can affect the overall performance of your camera. As much as possible, use only one lens and stick with it from the start of the shoot; if you need two lenses, bring an extra camera for it.

  • Plan your shoot at the golden hour.

The golden hour means an hour past sunrise and an hour before sunset. The sun shines an unmistakably beautiful glow at this time. The sun is also not as high up during noon and you are able to capture the beauty of the ocean. An advantage at this time is that the couple can both face toward and away from the sun. With the best Northern Virginia photographer, your wedding photos will get a dramatic effect during the golden hour.

  • Use silhouettes.

Silhouettes are an effective way to make beautiful images. Single out the best part of the background, which will make the couple appear silhouetted. Keep in mind that body language also plays a big part in silhouettes, so go over basic wedding poses and choose the ones that will look the best in the wedding photo collection. Do the silhouette shoots preferably during sunset —by doing so, you bring out the colors of the sea horizon and create a dramatic effect.

  • Look for more interesting settings.

You don’t always have to pose in front of the ocean. Beaches have various features that can make good photography. There are cliffs and trees that look as though they’re from a painting.  A boat pier can also fit in well in the background. Finding new and interesting spots will add more flair to your photos.

  • Get shoots from every angle.

A huge advantage of a beach background is that it is flexible. Work with your photographer to explore every angle possible. Instead of the couple standing up on the sand, they can kneel down on it as well.

  • Use reflections.

Clear water by the beach can provide reflections that can be shown in your photos.  With a good amount of light, elements like clouds and cliffs will also be seen in the reflections, enhancing its quality.

Have Fun with the Shoot!

Marriage is a once-in-a-lifetime affair, and the beach is a superb setting for it, so don’t be afraid to explore all possibilities for your beach wedding! Study your location and find the spots that will best tell the story of your wedding via photos. Finally, remember to coordinate closely with you Northern Virginia wedding photographer so that you will get photos that you’ll treasure for a lifetime.

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