Your White Label Digital Marketing Career Options

White label digital marketing services are in-demand today. Known for their high quality and consistent performance, these solutions never fail to give digital marketing agencies an edge over their competition. The reason behind it? Their professional providers.

Seasoned experts lead white label agencies. Professionals who know their expertise inside out, are up-to-date with the latest online trends, and are established players in the industry. This is why many digital marketing companies don’t think twice about relying on their services. Those that are a part of their team are considered top performers in their respective fields.

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Top 3 Jobs in White Label Agencies

Set yourself apart from other digital marketing professionals. Let your occupation be a testament to your expertise by working for a white label digital solutions agency. Here are your top career options:

  1. Content Creator

Content is king in digital marketing. It has different types such as texts, images, and videos, each one requiring a specific know-how to accomplish. They include:

• Content Writing

This involves creating various types of text-based content for websites, blogs, social media accounts, and other online platforms. To be a white label content writer, you must know how to create original content, have basic knowledge of SEO, and master different writing styles, among other things.

• Graphic Design

This involves creating logos, images, illustrations, and other visual materials for a client’s digital campaign. To be a white label graphic designer, you must know how to design graphics using creative computer applications and condense concepts into imagery, among other things.

• Video Production

This involves producing and editing videos to enhance or promote a client’s campaign.  To be a white label video producer, you must know how to conduct photo shoots and put together cohesive and compelling videos, among other things.

  1. SEO Specialist

Being an SEO specialist entails monitoring several campaigns at a time, keeping up with the latest industry trends, and employing SEO strategies to raise a client’s SEO ranking. For a glimpse at what SEO services typically involve, here are two of their most common inclusions:

On-page SEO

On-page SEO is the optimization of the client’s website. This can involve optimizing everything from the HTML code to the structure of the content produced.

Off-page SEO

Off-page SEO refers to the optimization of the client’s ‘third-party’ websites, like their blog accounts. This can involve anything from link building to social bookmarking.

  1. PPC Specialist

Pay-per-click (PPC) is one of the fastest ways to drive traffic to websites, grow leads at low costs, and expand your client base.  The PPC management services that you may have to manage include:

•  Keyword Research

PPC specialists determine the most relevant, traffic-driving keywords for the client’s business and improve their site’s conversion rate.

Campaign Optimization

PPC specialists make sure the client’s ad campaigns are run by efficient management systems and up-to-date with the latest, relevant trends in their industry.

• Competition Analysis

PPC specialists determine the client’s position in their industry, monitor their competitors’ progress, and identify the best ad strategies to further their client’s campaigns.

• Channel Targeting

PPC specialists choose which paid media channels to use for advertising. These channels include Google Ads, Bing Ads, AdRoll, Facebook Ads, and more.

• Split Testing

When new ads and landing pages are produced, PPC specialists test their performance and compare them with their previous versions.

Level Up Your Digital Marketing Career!

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