Avail of Spiced Cider Enzyme Facial from a Leesburg Spa


Just in time for the fall season, a Leesburg spa has made available a spiced cider enzyme facial that will keep your face looking fresh for the season. Yes, that’s right—other than being your favorite autumn drink, cider is now also a great remedy for the face. Get your autumn look ready with a spiced cider enzyme facial, plus a vanilla clove hydrating mask!

An Organic Alternative

Cider, made up of fermented juice from apples, is especially popular during the autumn as a beverage. Later on, it was also found to have health value when you drink it. Now, as beauty trends are leaning toward organic solutions, cider is being as one product that does great things to the body surface apart from inside the body.

A cider solution, mixed with other spices, was found to have healthy properties when used for facial exfoliation. While it is possible for you to make a cider toner at home, a spiced cider facial can be availed of over the counter. While costly, this is a better option, as you already have a controlled mix of the ingredients to be applied to the face.

A spiced cider enzyme facial has these key ingredients:

Not only does this spice give the cider its flavor; it also helps in neutralizing free radicals (molecules interacting with oxygen) on the face.

This ingredient gives the cider its spice. It works alongside nutmeg to neutralize free radicals to the face.

The main ingredient of the cider enzyme, it contains vitamin C, oxidants, and malic acid (an alpha hydroxyl acid or AHA) for exfoliation assistance.

Benefits of a Spiced Cider Enzyme Facial

Compared to traditional facial scrubs, a spiced cider enzyme facial has its unique benefits on your skin. These benefits are listed below:

  • High in vitamin C for the skin
  • Healthy bacteria that kills bad bacteria in pores
  • Helps in maintaining skin’s PH balance
  • Keeps skin healthy and radiant
  • Helps control acne breakouts
  • Has malic acid for exfoliation

Treatment Procedure

To use the spiced cider enzyme, simply apply some to your face and pat thoroughly.  With the aroma given off by the solution, you will feel like your face is getting a massage in Leesburg, VA’s famed autumn weather.

Note: Because of the warming and micro-circulation effect of the enzyme facial, it may not be for sensitive/rosacea skin types.

The peeling resulting from the oxidation makes for a satisfying end to the routine.  Once done with the cider therapy, you can apply a creamy mask vanilla clove to nourish the skin. Exfoliating using spiced cider could leave a bit of roughness, so the clove mask is applied to totally smoothen out the skin and hydrate it.

Put Some Spice into Your Autumn Beauty Regimen

If you want to get your face ready for the season – and get into the fall spirit—the spiced cider enzyme facial is a beauty product you should have and use!

Avail of the spiced cider enzyme facial just in time for autumn! Purchase it via one of the best spas in Leesburg, VA for a special price of $99 (down from regular price of $125).