Why Are Screwdrivers a Staple in Your Toolbox

Screwdriver in toolbox

Whether you are doing professional home repair work or you are a DIYer, you are going to need certain tools. A good set of screwdrivers is by far the most useful and commonly used tool. Screwdrivers come in different recess types, shapes, sizes, styles, and other features. 

Here are some reasons why screwdrivers need to be a staple in your toolbox

Interchangeable heads: The provision to change the screw heads makes screwdrivers a versatile tool. Based on the project you are working on you can interchange your heads. This means your toolbox would never become a dumping yard with multiple screwdrivers. All you need to do is to invest in the right bits or driver heads as per your job. 

Precision screwdrivers make it easier for small screws: You need to use a precision screwdriver set if you work on electrical items such as watches, mobile phones, or precision devices. It is necessary to loosen, fasten, and replace tiny screws with precision screwdrivers, which have small bits and ergonomic handles.

The cross-head screwdrivers are useful: From furniture to appliances, you can find cross head screws almost everywhere. Cross heads have an angled tip that allows you to fit deeper into screw heads without running the risk of the blade sliding out. Not only that, the angled tip provides better traction while fastening or loosening the screw.

The Torx screwdriver is steadfast: The Torx screwdriver is designed with circular lobes to reduce the screwdriver’s radial force, which is good for the screw and for the screwdriver. This feature makes a Torx screwdriver an essential tool in the automobile industry.

The Hex screwdriver can be used for heavy-duty jobs: Primarily used in the construction and manufacturing sector, the Hex screwdriver has a hexagonal-shaped screw. Hex screwdrivers have six sides, which provide them with more grip and more torque. Your hand does not slip due to the increased grip.

The Square screwdriver has an amazing centering feature: There is no angle involved in the square screwdriver, which is also known as a Robertson screwdriver. This improves the centering of the tool. Additionally, the tapered end makes it easier for the tip to lock on to the screw, making it more comfortable for the user. For this reason, carpenters prefer these screwdrivers, as they reduce the wear and tear of screws.

A screwdriver set plays an important role in determining the quality of your project. Screwdriver sets can be found in various styles, each designed for handling a specific type of screw or for a particular task. For different jobs, we offer a number of different screwdrivers on our website, including insulated screwdrivers, magnetic screwdrivers, and precision screwdrivers. Using the wrong size or shape of the screwdriver could strip the screw head.

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