Using Text-to-Speech Converters to Create Impactful Product Demos

product demos

Demo videos are an important marketing strategy for product-based brands and a key factor in increasing sales. In fact, consumers who watch a product video are 1.8 times more likely to make a purchase than those who don’t watch a video.

The reason is quite simple; product demos clearly explain the purpose of the product, its impact on everyday life, and how it works. Product demos answer three important questions – what, why, and how. Viewers see how the product would fit into their lives in real-time, and that is a potent sales pitch.

An important component of product demos is the voiceover or the audio. It’s the speech that engages the user, conveys the message, and convinces them. Creating excellent voice overs, however, is also the most challenging part of a product demo.

In order to create quality voice overs that are impactful, most brands have to resort to hiring voice actors, renting recording studios, buying recording equipment, and so on. These are time and effort-consuming activities, and not to mention very expensive.

Technology has, fortunately, given us a way of creating high-quality voice overs quickly and for a much lower cost using text to voice generators (also called text to speech converters)

What is a Text-to-Voice Generator?

A text to voice generator uses AI to convert text that is fed as an input into speech that is delivered in an audio file. All it needs is a text file, which can be a word file, a PDF file, etc. There’s no need for expensive equipment like mics and mixers, no need for a recording studio, and no need for voice actors.

The text to voice generator can read the text, understand the context behind each dialogue, and deliver speech with the right emotion and intonation in an audio file using AI. This file can then be added directly to the movie editing software, and you’re done.

Most text to speech converters give you the option of choosing different voices based on parameters like gender, dialect, and so on. This enables you to add different voiceovers and introduce variety into your product demos, all through one single solution.

Using Text to Speech for Product Demos

Using text to speech converters is quite easy. The first step is finding a solution that fits your needs. You can choose between free text to speech converters and premium paid ones. Compare the pricing and features to make sure you select the right one for your product demos.

Most text to voice generators work in the following way:

  1. You type a script and upload the file to the platform
  2. Select a voice that suits the script and the context
  3. Further customize features like the pitch, speed, and pronunciation to make the speech more unique and impactful
  4. Render the audio file

The platform delivers an audio file with the text converted to speech. You can then add this audio file to the movie editing tool and sync it with the video file to get a great product demo.

Getting Started With a Text-to-Speech Converter

Here are a few things to look for when choosing a text-to-speech generator:

  • The number of AI voices included in the plan
  • Number of hours of voice generation the platform allows per month
  • The number of downloads (converted audio files) allowed per month
  • Access restrictions (how many users can access the platform)
  • The availability of the support team

This checklist should help you choose a solution that fits your brand requirements. Also, make sure you compare prices and use free demos before you zero in on a platform.