Get Back to Sports with Lasik Surgery in Orange County


Do you love playing sports, but have poor eyesight? If you’re okay with using contact lenses, that’s fine. But with Lasik surgery in Orange County, you can have way better performance.

Just like you, many people grew up playing sports for fun. Whether it be football, basketball, or other games, you put your whole heart and passion into it. But time ages us, and our eyes are no exception.

Vision and Sports are Intertwined

Having perfect vision is ideal in any sport. If you’re the competitive type, here are the aspects of 20/20 vision that will give you an edge:

  • Better peripheral vision. Seeing all parts of the field from the corner of your eye is always an advantage. If you play soccer, peripheral vision will give you a better view of whether to pass or score.
  • Better spatial discernment. When you let go of that three-point shot, you measure the distance to the ring. Impaired eyesight won’t allow you to even touch the hoop at all.
  • Better aversion to contact. Most sports are physical, and a good vision lessens your risk of getting hurt. You will be able to spot that left hook in a split second, compared to if your vision were poor.
  • Better confidence in playmaking. Perfect vision is key to greater awareness of your abilities and surroundings. The more you play, the more you get better at it.

Using Contact Lenses: Not Recommended

If you think you can get away with using contact lenses instead, you’re wrong. Here’s why:

  • Some sports do not allow contact lenses. If you’re into amateur boxing or tennis, their tournaments don’t allow the use of contact lenses. Such sports have a high risk of being hit in the eye, and contacts get irritated because of getting hit.
  • Debris can seep into your lenses while playing. Imagine playing hockey with your contacts on, and a bit of dust seeps in your eyes. You’d have to wait until a timeout to fix it, and also have to remove your gloves and helmet by doing so. This can affect how you play.
  • You have no backup when they fall off. The scrum formation in rugby can cause your contacts to fall into the pitch, soiling it with dirt. Thus your concentration will be affected.

Laser Eye Surgery is the Ideal Solution

By going to a Lasik surgeon in Orange County, you can put your woes to rest. In only 30 minutes of your time, poor eyesight won’t burden you any longer, and you can play any sport to the fullest!

Here’s a step-by-step discussion of what to expect in your surgery:

  1. You will be administered anesthetics to numb the eyes from the pain.
  2. Your eye will be measured, and a special cutting laser will be assigned to it.
  3. The surgeon creates a small corneal flap and peels it back to reveal the cornea.
  4. The surgeon uses the laser to reshape your cornea, altering your eyesight.
  5. The peel is put back into its place, and your vision is now clearer!

Laser Eye Surgery Gives You An Edge

Stop blaming your failing eyesight for your game. Say goodbye to contacts and hello to amazing Lasik treatment. With laser eye surgery in Orange County, you can have 20/20 vision to make you great at any sport. See you on the field!