Helpful Tips in Selecting a BGC Office Space for Rent

Getting a BGC office space for rent offers a lot of advantages. For one, it gives you a front seat to a prime location where you can meet up easily with your clients. With thriving businesses around BGC, selecting your company office is crucial in ensuring growth and success.

6 Highly Essential Tips in Selecting Your Office

Finding an office to rent can be a challenge. There are many things to consider, especially if you want your business to bloom. Keep in mind the following tips when you pick your headquarters:


Consider the availability of amenities.

Does your desired place come with Internet/WiFi connectivity? Are there printers available? Are there restaurants for meetings nearby? In a place where parking can be costly (no less than PHP50 for the first 3 hours), walking over to convenient places is preferable. Consider this in choosing your BGC office space.

Determine its accessibility to others.

BGC is in a central location in the metropolis. This means that clients based in nearby locations like Quezon City, Pasig, and Muntinlupa will find it a reasonable place to meet. Find out if the BGC office space for rent is a convenient choice for you and your clients. Choosing a prime office location is crucial as both parties can spend less time during traffic delays, and more time ironing out deals that are convenient to them.

Ensure that the lease is clear.

Make sure all provisions are noted in the lease. Some offices don’t actually appear as advertised, and may need some remodeling prior to you occupying it. You don’t want to just take your landlord’s word that some utilities are included, only to get charged for it later since it was not leased.

Find out how you want the office laid out.

Think of the working style that best suits you. Determine how much space you need for you to operate efficiently. Decide if you want an open concept space or a closed-off work space. Traditionally, entrepreneurs would look for dedicated offices for their business. With the availability of new technology, non-traditional office setups have gained popularity. Some may feel that a co-working space in BGC is better suited to the culture of their office.

Visualize the impression of the office to others.

Your office is a representation of your business. Choose the office space according to your budget. Don’t save up, or people may think your business is struggling. Don’t spend too much either—it could be a reflection that you try to spend too much.

Take into account the available parking.

Check if there are enough parking spaces near the office for the convenience of your vehicle-driving staff. Having a dedicated and secure garage puts you at an advantage. Consider also if your employees either bring a car, motorcycle, or bicycle. The more types of vehicles it can accommodate, the better.

Select Your Office Confidently!

Get your startup on the right foot by moving into the Philippines’ prime business hub. Choose wisely among BGC office spaces for rent, and turn your office into an asset for your fledgling company.  Experience benefits such as:

  • Increased productivity from your staff
  • Client and customer satisfaction
  • Maximized business profits

Contact a trusted BGC leasing company now to get the HQ best suited to you!