Taking Care of Your Kravet Fabric


Nothing suits a home better than well-upholstered furniture covered in the best fabric, like Kravet fabric. However, in an active home, accidents can never be avoided. Oftentimes, these unfortunate events happen when you least expect it and in the worst possible places, for example, on your upholstered sofas.

So what to do? How can you maintain your upholstered furniture for it to tell the tale of your happy family?

Here are a few tips

Everything starts with the fabric. First, you need to choose the correct type of fabric to upholster your furniture with. You need to think of the following:

What will suit the room and what mood do you want to create? Make sure the fabric you choose will match the other furnishings in your home, for instance, that Jasmine–Indigo wallcovering from Kravet wallpaper. Not thinking about this will make your furniture stand out in all the wrong reasons.

Pick out the right fabric for your use. Think about your lifestyle, where is the furniture going to be placed, and the traffic in that location. These activities and the people who will be frequently interacting with the furniture will matter the most when picking out the type of fabric.

For example, if it will see heavy usage, better go for synthetics as they are generally more heavy-duty. When you have pets, don’t choose fabrics that have too much texture.

Once chosen, protect your fabric. Expect that your furniture will encounter spills,  mildew, and other unwanted visitors. Protect them from these invaders. If a spill occurs, clean it right away to avoid being absorbed. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions for other care methods.

These simple tools can save you quite a bit! Frequent vacuuming and brushing can help get rid of dust and other unwanted particles and prevent them from sticking too much onto the Kravet fabric. This will help make cleaning it easier.

What can be easier than lifting a couple of throw pillows and turning them over? Fluffing them and constantly turning them or rotating them around can help balance the wear and tear it receives. The same goes for the cushions. Also, turning cushions over will force you to check underneath them for those pesky intruders. Give the backside of your cushions a good vacuuming or brush for good measure.

Take time to inspect your furniture. There’s no use if you rush in cleaning them. The important thing is to create a checklist of things that matter; here’s a sample:

Check for spills

Check for mildew forming or other unwanted marks

Check for food particles or pet hair

Turn over cushions and fluff throw pillows

Of course, the list will vary depending on what furniture you have. Just take your time with it.

If it comes to the nitty and gritty stuff, it is always safer to ask for professional help. Just give your trusted laundry care a call.

Keep treasured furniture longer. Care for the fabric and it will take care of your memories.