Why Border Collies are the Best Breed for Goose Dog Training


At times when Canada geese attack grassy areas, Border Collies are the best breed you can count on to herd them. Border Collies undergo goose dog training to effectively and humanely drive geese away from a property. It’s a tactic that they’ve acquired since the start of their breeding and they’ve taken the role with ease.

Canada geese have been known to be a menace to golf courses, parks, and ponds, as they spread bacteria through their feces. But with the fearsome presence of the Border Collie, the geese are herded out before they could wreak any havoc.

Why Border Collies are Effective Goose Dogs

With their willingness and discipline to go after geese, Border Collies proved to be the best bet for goose dogs, as well as a dependable pet. They owe it all to centuries of genetic instincts.

  • History of Herding
    Along the border of England and Scotland, Border Collies took up the burden of herding sheep and livestock for their human masters. As a result, they developed a disposition to be attentive to their surroundings. Their herding traits have been passed from generation to generation until they found their way across the pond and into the States. This time around, instead of sheep, they now use their herding ability on migratory Canadian geese that fly south of the border as a result of cold temperatures up north.
  • Intimidating Stares
    Border Collies have a large resemblance to the Arctic fox. Since Northern Canada is in the Arctic regions, the geese are familiar with the fox, and consider it their predator. With their uncanny resemblance to the fox, the Border Collie can instill a sudden fear into the geese. What’s more, border collies have an intimidating stare that stirs up fright in other animals. Their stare locks in on the geese, and they herd them away as a result. Over time, they have honed this skill, and the popularity of border collie goose control grew as a result.The good part is, they have also maintained self-control in this activity. Well-trained collies merely chase away the geese and do not inflict harm on them. Many animal rights groups have applauded this behavior of the so-called “goose dogs.” Thus, border collie training hardly encountered a backlash for being harmful.
  • People-Oriented Animal
    More than their discipline and natural instincts, the Border Collie’s people-oriented nature has made it a popular choice to be a family dog. If you’re looking for a pet to have around for some time, the collie’s long lifespan is a plus. It’s no wonder dog trainers have always considered them one of the best canines around.As a matter of fact, in a UK study, the Border Collie was adjudged as the top dog breed, possessing all the desirable attributes of a pet. The criteria for judging included its lifespan, health, intelligence, cost, obedience and ease of grooming.

“Goose Dogs” are a Good Idea

If you live in an area that pesky Canada geese frequent, acquiring a Border Collie is a great option. You also get a very dependable pet in the process, so you practically hit two birds (pardon the pun) with one stone.

You can contact local pet stores and geese control companies to purchase your own Border Collie. Usually, they also offer training classes on goose herding, among others, for your dog.