Daniel Greenhalgh’s Top 6 Tips before Renting

The continuously rising housing cost in Canada is impairing some of their residents’ ability to afford a home of their own. Many issues have been pinpointed as the cause, and the blame game continues, but as it is, no one has come up with a viable solution. ENM Construction co-founder, Daniel Greenhalgh thinks that affordable living space might not be limited to buying houses.


Renting: A Time-tested Housing Option

Whether just for a vacation or moving in a prolonged period, renting can be as flexible as you need it to be. With many rental development programs being created by the government and private institutions alike, renting is at its most desirable point today.

However, with many questionable deals and agreements out there, coupled with shady landlords, renting can be quite tricky for a first-timer. Daniel Greenhalgh, with his years of expertise in the industry, knows more than a thing or two when it comes to renting your place. Take his advice!

Check out these top six things you need to check before renting your place.

  1. Might be the most obvious, but it is worth it to state just as well. You might have found the perfect unit, the commute to work is bearable, its proximity to places you frequent can’t be matched, the amenities are fantastic, and you seem to love your neighbors-to-be already! However, it comes with a hefty price tag. Just don’t! No amenity is worth the hassle of being accosted for rental payment.
  2. Believe it! When you’ve just lost your security deposit for a literal hole in the wall that you’re pretty sure was there before you moved in, or those scratches on the windows you didn’t think twice about when you first saw it moving in, you’ll regret not giving your apartment a thorough thought before moving in.Take pictures of any damage in the apartment and have your landlord recognize it in writing. This way you’re covered.
  3. Landlords can make or break an apartment. There’s no hard rule on the type of landlord that you should look for. It all depends on you. However, if he or she seems too eager to have you rent the unit, too keen that some paperwork is being bypassed, then think twice before engaging with them.
  4. Likewise, neighbors can ruin a pretty good apartment. You wouldn’t want to live next to an all-night party animal. Nor would it be ideal to live beside a drug den. Check them out. See what kind of place you’re planning to plant your roots in.
  5. Do you like pets? If the answer’s yes, make sure your apartment does too. More than the cost, this is the number consideration for pet lovers. If you’re one of them, make sure to remember to ask.
  6. How long are you planning to stay? Depending on the length, you could opt for apartments that allow you to modify the units to suit your needs better. Determine how long you’re planning to stay and then figure things from there.

Take advantage of the country’s interest in rental development. Know what you want and take the proper steps to secure it!