Pointers When Working with a Corporate Photographer


Every corporate photographer has high standards when it comes to their work. Their work will represent your brand, so they need to present good angles at every opportunity.

That’s why the company’s marketing team needs to get the most out of their photographer to get the ideal pictures for their campaigns, portfolio, and reports

What are the secrets to getting great corporate photos?

Compared to getting an in-house photographer, a photography service is more affordable. However, they need to start from scratch to understand your product.

Mix your style and their style

Use portraits from other corporate reports as pegs for your shoot—but don’t copy them outright. Your photographer has their own approach, and the trick is for you and them to meet halfway.

A veteran photographer will have an idea for the shot, since they are very experienced when it comes to photos. Be open to what they suggest, as it could help in your shots. At the same, you will have the final call on what photos will appear.

You can also ask them to experiment with lighting, perspectives, and angles. For example, a normal boardroom shot with great lighting is nice, but one shot from the back of the CEO will have a powerful effect.

Ask for raw photo files when possible

Some photographers like to tweak their photos upon submission to the client. This is perfectly fine, since it’s part of their craft. But if you want to rethink it, you could always request for the raw photo files.

In this manner, your marketing team will also be able to see the original files. If they prefer some shots, they could also add them to the images.

Who knows, your operations manager’s headshot is better in the raw file than in the retouched picture. Just like professional wedding photography, this will give a boost to whatever report or paraphernalia the shot appears in.

Maximize location usage for shots

While your photographer is shooting at a certain location, try to get as much situational shots as you can. Even if you’re not paying for a studio, time spent at every venue is an investment that should be capitalized on.

The reason for this is to have more spare shots for other company paraphernalia. Other than for period reports and brochures, you may also use photos for employee greeting cards and mugs.

Your CEO could be flattered by seeing a photo of him in the lobby on his birthday cake. Try to entertain this and other possibilities when discussing shots with your corporate lensman.

Level Up Your Corporate Photography Game

With these photography pointers, you will be able to make good on your investment. Great corporate photography need not be expensive; you can get topnotch lensmen at an affordable rate, if you know where to look.

Contact a reliable corporate and creative wedding photography service, and elevate your business photography game to a whole new level.